Would £25m Have Tempted Luton To Sell Is The Big Question

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I’m probably not alone in admitting that the transfer window provides a weird kind of fascination.

Regularly, I check on not only the deals featuring our beloved Hatters but also those relating to the Premier League.

This window, it has, so far, been interesting watching the dealings going on at Newcastle United.

Before the window opened, and once it had, we’ve been reporting on the, rumoured, interest Newcastle supposedly had on our own Elijah Adebayo, with the latest offering being – thankfully-its-all-gone-quiet-on-the-newcastle-front.

Yesterday, to aid their striking crisis, Newcastle splashed a cool £25 million on the 30-year-old Burnley striker, Chris Wood.

Now the deal got me thinking, Wood is by no means a prolific striker and his age would, if I were a Newcastle supporter, give me cause for concern.

Which leads me on to the crux of this article, although we all would view it as a disaster if Luton Town were to sell Elijah Adebayo, if Newcastle had offered £25 million for our centre forward, would we have been tempted to sell?

Please feel free to have your say on the above subject matter in the comment facility beneath this article.


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Reading to Win!

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Luton Town to Win!

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  • hatter75 says:

    Morning MH Much as I and all supporters would want to keep Adebayo It would be quite likely for Luton to accept a sum such as £25 Million. Reading between the lines LTFC only got £10 Million from selling the ground at junction 10 and this would not appear to be enough to completely fund the new Power Court Stadium. It is only when money received from building houses at Power Court is available will the new stadium be fully funded.

    I there for feel a transfer fee of this magnitude would be accepted by the Board as the new stadium is now a must.

  • Hatter77 says:

    100% we would sell for £25 mil, thats the key difference between the championship and lg1 lg 2, ala Andre Gray. When you get to those divisions and move a player on to the Prem the money gets silly.

  • hatter75 says:

    Morning MH I like most supporters would want to keep Adebayo. However with LTFC only receiving £10 Million for the sale of junction 10 land this would appear not to be enough to fully fund the new stadium. It is only when more money is available from the sale of houses at Power Court would the stadium be fully funded . It therefore would seem likely the LTFC Board would accept a sum in the region of £25 Million. Nathan would then have the difficult job of quickly finding a high scoring striker before the transfer deadline.


  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh, make no mistake lutons board would have accepted half of Chris Woods £25 million fee let alone the full cost. Its a business face it economic sense rules.

  • Tom says:

    £25m is a lot of money would only sell if he signed a new contract which would prevent him fro leaving for free in the summer. Great talent will go far in the premiership

  • Steve Bahrain says:

    My concern for Elijah at the moment is not the money or speculation he is facing, but the increasing volume of comments downplaying his readiness and still needing to build up his arsenal/tools with Luton at the Championship level.
    No doubt the Luton board and management have not lightheartedly made them comments, and the number of players and key personnel speaking in recent news and post match about him being that quality already shows they are addressing any risk there.
    I just hope the amazing form and run he is on doesn’t get affected by any of the commotion and January noise (note: he arrived in January and hit the ground running so proven for this not be something that could affect him hopefully)
    We would have sold for $25m but probably negotiated down for future incentives to be added based on how we have transferred young stars recently.
    Love to see Big Mick and equally Sheez at the match, great times will keep rolling from here.
    Keep up the great articles mate

  • jimbo says:

    for 25million elijah would be down the road. a business,so financial considerations will come into play. whatever happens ,elijah has been a breath of fresh air.hope he turns into a top player. what is happening with peter kioso. will he stay or will he go. nj sounds a bit frosty. i think he will stay at mk dons. i think kioso will be a good player in any team,i am a big fan of him. how is dion pereira progressing, one for the future.COYH.

  • Alan says:

    Kioso has said many times he wants to play for that bunch up the M1….he wasn’t happy here.

  • Jamis Billson says:

    Elijah leaving for Newcastle this season is either great propaganda from us or fake news. Why would Newcastle opt for an unproven player in the Premiership whilst in a relationship fight? They went for Chris Woods because he has a shedload of experience.

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