Luton – Possible Departures Before Transfer Window Closes

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The closure of the summer transfer window is a mere four days away, but are we set for a thrilling deadline day, or will it all be a damp squib?

Yesterday, it was officially announced that Elliot Lee had joined Charlton Athletic, on loan, for the remainder of the season, something we, here at Vital Luton Town, covered – luton-player-joins-charlton-on-loan.

But, when it comes to departures, are there more in the pipeline?

Perusing social media, I came across the following post, which kind of sums up the predicament we face:

As the source points out, it is expected that Dion Pereira will be given the chance to continue his development at another club, probably on loan for the season, but what about any others?

Danny Hylton has not featured in the Championship campaign and Luke Berry is another who does not appear to be in Nathan Jones plans.

Could they both be loaned out or indeed sold?

Or are there others in our squad that also might be looking nervously over their shoulders fearful of being moved on before the transfer window slams shut?

Please feel free to have your say, on this subject, in the comment facility beneath this article and please feel free to vote in the poll that accompanies this article.

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Three Or More!


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  • Trondheim Hatter says:

    I think Danny Hylton is close to retire, from what I can see, I actually think his injuries is giving him long term issues.

  • micky h says:

    I feel sorry for Danny Hylton, people seem to have forgotten what a good player he was for Luton and his injuries have prevented him proving himself at a higher level, he deserves more respect. I think he will be leaving and good luck to him. As for Luke, Jones seems to talk well off him and is short of midfielders, why would he let him go.

  • Steve says:

    Luke Berry has apparently been injured all season so far (plus Covid?) so we cannot say if he is in NJ’s plans or not. If he can come back anything like his old self he would do a good job for us.

  • Andrew says:

    I hope Danny finds a new club, he has been a great player for Luton over the years I know he is not the player he was but he still special to many Luton fans .

  • Mr David Roberts ( Roby ) says:

    let Hylts go , keep Berry . only loan Pereira untill new year, he might well be needed after that

  • Scotty says:

    All the interviews with NJ suggest that Berry is part of his plans but has been injured. I’m not sure he’s up to the level we are currently recruiting. Hylton’s knees are shot. Sad to say but I’d be surprised if he got to the level of fitness required to play league football again, let alone Championship. I hope I’m wrong.

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