Luton – Every Player Has His Price

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Sat in the local public house the other night, an interesting conversation evolved.

Discussing the recent signing of Cauley Woodrow, one of our contingent threw into the arena an interesting question.

They wanted to know, if the price offered was right, whether the signing of Woodrow would see Elijah Adebyao sold.

In the continuing discussing, it was generally agreed that every player has his price and that if Luton Town received a big enough off then he probably would be sold.

But a matter of hours later, as reported by Luton Today, Nathan Jones, talking to the media, kind of calmed our fears, or did he?

Talking about the subject of Adebayo, Nathan is reported as having remarked:

“He will be here, Elijah will be here.

“We believe that he’s on a road to progression, so any offers now would need to be at a level that probably they’re not going to be, because he’s not at his ceiling with us yet.”

It’s that last part that worries me, I can’t help wondering about the mention of ‘offers at a level’ just what kind of figure does he, and the club, have in their heads?

Your thoughts on the above subject matter would be most welcome.


Will Adebayo Be At Luton For The 2022/2023 Season?

Yes, Definitely!

Yes, Definitely!

Depends On Any Offer Made!

Depends On Any Offer Made!

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  • jimbo says:

    as much as it annoys people, players must be sold. you must put money back in the pot. be interesting if elijah can go that bit further, and avoid injury. remember last seasons injuries, they were the main topic,lets hope its not this seasons main topic. COYH.

  • hatter75 says:

    Morning MH Given the money received for both James and Stacey believe Adebayo should not be sold for anything less than £6 million + addons?

    Appreciate the club needs the money because the junction 10 site did not raise the necessary revenue for the new Power Court ground project.


    • Mad Hatter says:

      I’m wondering if the Power Court is being pushed out of our grasp with the cost of living / inflation pandemic!

  • jimbo says:

    i know negotiations are sensitive for power court, but would be nice to have some news.i hope the financial balancing act is going well. good to hear that naismith made nj aware of his move. also kioso’s reason for leaving explained. if elijah improves this year, he might be worth £6million.he’s not quite there yet. wonder what you think the other players might be worth.what do you think about snodgrass. should we sign him again?.personally i say no.we have a lot of younger players to fill that space. give the young players a chance.COYH.

  • hatter75 says:

    Hi MH I think I may have said this before but the sure way forward is if 2020 allows some large organisation to financially support them (not a betting company) and then lends it name to the Power Court Stadium.


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