Luton – We Have A Cunning Plan

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Everything, so far this week, compared to last week, has been quiet on the transfer front.

Okay, we may have been spoiled last week with the acquisitions of Alfie Doughty, Cauley Woodrow and Matt Macey, and there may be more signings / departures in the pipeline.

But, already, this summer appears to be ready to replicate the hectic summer of last year.

Scanning through several articles over the last few days, I found an interesting quote on The Official Luton Town Site that intrigued me.

When asked about the recent signings, Nathan Jones is attributed as having, by our referenced source, as remarking:

“I asked the board and Gary this year to be bold. If we want to improve on last year’s position, we had to improve significantly, so we gave them a list of signings.”

That is heartening to read, it would have been so easy to, after our sixth-place finish of last season, to sit on our laurels and expect the squad to replicate the heroics of last season.

But that one small paragraph confirms we are an upwardly thinking club and that we do, indeed, have a cunning plan.

However, I can’t help wondering just who the other names on Nathan’s list are.

Has anyone got any ideas?


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