Luton – Your Verdict On Cauley Woodrow Goals Tally

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The key to Luton Town having another good season, hopefully one that could be termed great, will depend on how many Championship goals they can score.

Last season when it came to goals, Elijah Adebayo led the way, scoring 16 Championship goals.

A hamstring injury, sadly, saw Adebayo miss the last few games otherwise he could have improved upon that figure.

But since the final whistle blew on that fateful night up at Huddersfield, the Hatters have signed another prolific striker in Cauley Woodrow.

The signing of Woodrow prompted me, sat in the editorial chair, to ask the following question:

How Many Championship Goals Will Woodrow Score?

Leaving you three options to choose from:

0-7 goals
8-16 goals
17 goals or more

With the poll being deemed live for several days, it appears that the Luton support, well 77% of them, believe Woodrow will score between 8 and 16 goals.

If that is the case and if Woodrow hits the high end of that preferred choice, and if Adebayo can match his total of last season, 2022/2023 could well be termed a ‘great’ season.


Will Adebayo Be At Luton For The 2022/2023 Season?

Yes, Definitely!

Yes, Definitely!

Depends On Any Offer Made!

Depends On Any Offer Made!

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  • jimbo says:

    lets see what players are at the club, on the first game, before you start speculating. it just might all change. would like some info regarding new stadium,any news?COYH.

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