Date: 22nd June 2018 at 6:42pm
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Sat around one of the large screens we’re privileged to have in the office, watching the World Cup this lunchtime, it’s fair to say the action, even though it involved Brazil, bored me to tears.

Taking a break from the action, or lack of it should I say, several of us took the opportunity to scan through the Hatters fixtures for the coming season and in particular the Christmas period.

One bright spark, me, wanted to know exactly who Luton would be playing on Boxing Day!

To discover the Hatters were away from home was bad enough but to realise a trip to Scunthorpe had been given to us, left all of us slightly speechless.

Now we were under the impression, perhaps wrongly it would appear, that steps are taken to ensure there is a minimal amount of travel involved on such a day.

Well, that appears to absolute poppycock!

Cast your eyes through the teams in our division, there’s a multitude of clubs that are a darn sight closer to Luton than Scunthorpe.

Now, in my quest to see every game this season, I’ve got to sit the wife down and tell her and the children, who will be around for the festive period, I’ll be out for most of, if not all, the day.

I’m already dreading the repercussions and I guess there are others amongst the Hatters support who will receive a frosty response when they break the news.

Thanks for nothing fixture computer.


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