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It seems an eternity since the Hatters last played but, this afternoon, that long wait ends when Luton welcome Preston North End, to Kenilworth Road, for the first of the nine remaining games that will decide which League Luton Town will be playing football in.

With Nathan Jones, ably assisted by Paul Hart, back in the managerial hot-seat, following the axing of Graeme Jones, expectation levels are high that Nathan can motivate the side and claim the three points available, in the first game of his second spell in charge of the club.

However, playing behind closed doors could negate that home advantage that has been so crucial to Luton Town this season, as football returns but not as the game we know it as.

With the kick-off fast approaching we are now able to bring you the team-sheets.

Starting with Luton Town:

Continuing with Preston North End:


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  • Chris winter says:

    Hi mh, got to say I’m a little bit disappointed with his team. I expected him to set up a more exciting look. But if we win that’s all that counts.

  • Chris winter says:

    Hi mh, don’t know what you thought of the game. But for me it seems like as we’ve seen on other games. No one is tackling or putting a real effort in so I see no possibility of us surviving. I think now is the time to look at next season an playing players who will still be here. An meybe blooding younger players like kioso as giving them a taste of champ football will be readying them for div 1 football

  • Alan says:

    Hi all, think we have to remember 1st game back against a play off side. Had we got this result in March before lockdown we would have taken it. We were 6 points adrift now its 5…little bit of patience for now o feel…

  • Chris winter says:

    Hi Alan, mh an I discussed how games were being played in Germany an prem earlier. An this game proves that home advantage is negated an playing games this way does not suit our game. I’m not knocking nj an the team. I’m just being realistic sorry. I cannot see us surviving. I just think we need to ready ourselves for next season.

  • Alan says:

    I just think while there is still some hope, then we must stay positive. Once its def we are down then start thinking of next season. Apart from Leeds away this was prob are toughest game..I’m just looking at positives rather than negatives. See where we sit after the next 3/4 games..

  • Chris winter says:

    Hi Alan, no that’s fair it’s your opinion. We all want to stay up no doubt about that. But I just feel that unless we got 3pts today as you say against a top team with wba an Leeds to come realistically we now have to get 15 points in 5 games.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Chris, you don’t give us a hope against WBA or Leeds in empty stadiums then?? How do we no how they will react, plus we have 6 games further to those 2 not 5 bud…

    • Chris winter says:

      Hi Alan, as you can see maths is not my strong point. You may be right about those games but what I’ve seen of games so far does not fill me with confidence. Sorry but these games are not suited to us. And as I’ve said earlier the damage was done before lock down.

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