Luton Town – Praise Where Praise Is Most Certainly Due

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Tomorrow night, the Hatters venture to North London to take on title chasing Arsenal.

It is a hard enough fixture with a full squad let alone a squad where it looks very much as if Rob Edwards will have more of his squad on the treatment table than available for selection.

Hardly a game goes by without somebody else picking up a knock that prevents them from being considered for selection and with us about to approach a critical stage of the season it is something that must have the gaffer pulling his hair out.

But while we wait to see who is likely to make a return to action to play a part in those crucial last eight games, it has been noticeable that questions have been asked as to why we’re picking up so many injuries.

One reason provided is that footballers are, in this day an age, treated like assets, assets with a long term valuation whereas in days gone by cortisone injections were used to dull the pain and get a player back on the pitch, without any thought of the long term effects.

At the moment, I’ve been told that The Brache medical facility resembles an A & E Department with players queuing up for treatment.

Considering the circumstances, being one of the medical staff must be one of the most trying jobs on offer at the club.

With so many patients, I’d imagine the hours are long and tiresome and I’d like to take this oportunity to highlight the good work they do and the dedication the medical team possess.

Of course, in an ideal world, they’d have just the routine and mundane tasks to perform with, possibly, two or three players to look after and having something akin to a routine somewhat relaxed day, but we don’t live in a routine world and I’d like to take this opportunity to, once again, praise those who are doing their utmost to play their part in helping the Hatters in trying to beat the drop.

Keep it going lads and lasses, your work is very much appreciated.


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I Can't Decide!

I Can't Decide!

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  • jimbo says:

    i was wondering if ryan giles could be recalled to left back, but he is injured as well. was watching mc.atee playing for barnsley, is he a striker or attacking midfielder. seems to be on a good run at the moment. scored a lovely goal. could we recall players if needed, not sure on the rules. COYH.

    • Alan says:

      Jimbo, as its a season loan, I believe they can’t be recalled. Its different ruling if the club send the player back. As was the case with Fred.

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