Luton Town – Let’s Hope For Something Of A Surprise Tonight

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I am probably not the only Luton Town supporter who is not exactly looking forward to tonight.

A trip to take on title chasing Arsenal was always going to be a formidable ask but to make the trip with half of the 25-man squad unavailable, courtesy of injures, makes it a near impossible ask to grab a result.

Indeed, with their being some far more winnable games ahead, starting with AFC Bournemouth (h) this coming weekend, I did read somewhere that, perhaps, we’d be better resting our remaining key players and, basically forfeiting the game by playing a team of youngsters, but it is not something I’d support, besides we’d probably get a points deduction for fielding an under strength side.

But, despite the enormity of the task ahead, there is always hope that the Hatters can snatch a surprise result, possibly a draw.

In our pre-match poll, it would appear that the support fear the worst tonight, that unbridled confidence usually displayed in our polls has somewhat dipped with only 21% predicting a Luton Town win, compared to the 50% implying Arsenal will take the three points as they march towards, they hope, the Premier League title.

As for the remaining 29%, they’ve gone for a draw, the best result I reckon we have a chance of achieving but it would need those fit enough to be selected tonight to perform out of their skins.

Unfortunately, you’ll all have to wait until Friday to read my views on the outcome of the game and indeed the consequences, as I’m off to Amsterdam this afternoon for a mini-break, something I bought the wife for Christmas, but you can rest assured I’ll be paying attention to events the other side of the North Sea, hoping that this wonderful game of ours can surprise us again.


How Many Points Will Luton Earn In April?

10-15 points

10-15 points

6-9 points

6-9 points

0-5 points

0-5 points

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  • jimbo says:

    enjoy the tulips M.H. hoping for a suprise tonight. big helping of grit and determination needed tonight. COYH.

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