Luton Supporters Views On Defender Recall From Loan Spell

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Yesterday, the news broke that the Hatters had recalled Peter Kioso from his loan spell at our local rivals MK Dons.

It was something we covered in the following article – surprise-recall-for-on-loan-luton-player.

However, while the move caught us a little by surprise, it seems that those who frequent social media had their own views on why Nathan Jones had taken the decision.

Many are of the view that it was a precaution to cope with any potential injuries in the squad as we approach what is, to be frank, a very hectic fixture programme, as the posts below illustrate:

While others seem to be concerned about the form of James Bree:

But does Bree need a rest?

Have we not just gone something akin to a month without any competitive football?

But while, personally, I welcome the return of Kioso and believe he can offer something extra to the first team, there are others that are overjoyed we’ve deprived our local rivals, MK Dons, of one of their star assets:

Let’s just hope that Kioso gets a run of games to show his worth, I think he deserves at least that.


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  • jimbo says:

    good to see kioso back.,whatever the reason. if we are short of striker cover, why is pereira on loan. hope to see both of these in luton team one day. COYH.

  • Jim says:

    MK aren’t our local rivals. They’re not our rivals at all. The closest to a rivalry they have is Wimbledon. They can try to manufacture rivalries with others, but they’ve not earned the right to have them yet so let’s not play into they’re “We are the Luton haters” hands.

    But more importantly, Kioso back is good news for us if he’s given a chance. Bell has been a big weak link after a great debut against Peterborough. He doesn’t defend and so much of the threats (and goals) have come down his side. For whatever reason, Jones no longer seems to trust Potts. But Adebayo did more
    Defensive work at left back than Bell against Bournemouth

    Bree has found some form recently. And whilst he is clearly not a Stacey or Justin, he does get forward more now and still gets back too.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      My disdain for the MK Dons comes from the talk, long ago, that we would be the club to relocate there!

      • Jim says:

        Treat them as the irrelevance they are MH. If we ever play them again, pay attention for a day or 2. Then forget their existence until the next time. And when we do play, we go. We go to watch Luton and we ignore their “fans” all the way through. They don’t exist.

        MKD fortunately didn’t buy our place in the league. And because they bought someone else’s place in the league, despite them being only 20 miles away, they’re not local to us. They’re not local or relevant to anyone other than Wimbledon (who should also move on now they’ve got a proper club as not doing so feeds the validity of MKD). MKD can’t change that. That’s a purgatory that only people outside them can change. We shouldn’t be the ones to release them from that.

        Basically, paying any attention to them plays into their desire to be considered a proper club. They’re just a club that rent a space in the EFL.

  • Russell says:

    Never understood why kioso was sent out on loan, he looks like a player who is very capable in more than 1 position for the team.

  • Peter Scott says:

    I think Kioso is still a raw talent as is CMG. Bree will play all the games – NJ said he did not want him to go in the first place – he is though a good insurance as he can play in 3 or 4 positions.

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