Luton Set To Add Young Midfielder To Squad

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After a couple of days where the transfer grapevine was unusually quiet, there is now an interesting piece of speculation surfacing.

According to Football Insider 24/7, the Hatters could be set to add a young midfielder to the squad.

The player in question being Louie Watson.

Watson, just 21-years-of-age is a free agent after his contract expired at beleaguered Derby County.

Our referenced source implies that talks are underway, and that Luton are confident of reaching an agreement with the young central midfielder.

While at Derby, Watson made 14 appearances, 6 of them coming last season and the youngster is a Republic of Ireland U21 international.

But the big question is whether, if a deal is concluded, Watson will become part of the first team squad or will he, like Elliot Thorpe, be labelled as one for the future.

Also, if he is to be added to the first team squad, could we see somebody else exiting through the Kenilworth Road gates to keep the squad size balanced?

Here at Vital Luton Town, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any further developments.


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  • jimbo says:

    we seem to have a lot of one ‘s for the future. wonder if they will ever get a chance. or will they be loaned out and sold. its easy to say we have players that are excess to requirements, but don’t forget our injury nightmare last season. i think the only way for young players is if we are mid table, come the end of season, with a safe points tally.if we get this lad from derby, hope he ‘s not kept in the background,like other signings.COYH.

  • Matthew says:

    Can someone explain the Harry Isted situation? How is that he is not a ‘senior’ player? He’s been at the club for years. He’s 25. When called on he’s been excellent. What does he have to do? How does he become a senior player if he’s never played? If, for some reason that escapes me, he’s not trusted enough to give him a chance, why is here here?

  • Alan says:

    Had the rules have been different harry would have played when the loan keepers were bought in. Maybe not in place of steer, but in place of the others. The emergency loan rules dictated who played. Just going back to many saying younger players don’t get a look in as I said b4 we don’t see them day in,day out as the coaches do. If they are good enough their chance will come. Cornick was 22 when he came in, he has now played 200 plus games….

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