Luton – Hatters Need To Make A Difficult Decision

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Awaiting news of any movements on the transfer front, it appears the Hatters may be set to send some of our younger out on loan.

Speaking to the local media, and as reported by Luton Today,Nathan had this to say about three youngsters in particular:

“Dion Pereira may need a loan, Elliot Thorpe may need a loan, Josh Neufville, we’ve had a lot of interest in him, but if they don’t go out then they’ll be in and around our group and get game time in the 23s as well.”

Although I can understand the reasoning for sending players out on loan, am I the only one that would like to see them given a chance at Kenilworth Road next season?

Pereira, now 23-years-of-age, should be at a stage where he’s knocking on the door, if he’s not ready for a chance, perhaps we should be asking if he ever will!

I had high hopes for Thorpe when he joined but was a little disappointed, he only made the one appearance, in the FA Cup tie at Cambridge, where I thought he looked as if he needed building up but, then again, that hasn’t stopped others in this game of ours from being a success.

As for Neufville, perhaps he, out of the three, is the one I can understand being sent out on loan, his progress, last season, was halted by an ankle injury.

But what are your thoughts on the subject matter, please feel free to have your say in the comment facility beneath this article.


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  • Ken says:

    We should be giving these guys some game time. Thorpe is playing for Wales u21. Give them a chance, they will end up as old men who have not given their all

  • jimbo says:

    seems to me we no longer give young players a chance. is it right to have old players in the team, and not play the young players. how will they ever get experience. hope we don’t see the same names in the team ,week in week out again. they must be performance related. i am probably asking for the impossible. remember how sad elijah looked playing with an injury, how many players were playing with injury.if they are injured play someone else. we have the players now.COYH.

  • Steve Bahrain says:

    I figure they are not in NJ’s plans as it is very early in the window for the announcement. You would have thought he would have given them opportunity during pre-season to weigh up the decision.
    Pereira has got some crazy skills and distribution but, having just 11 appearances between Yeovil and Bradford, must be getting frustrated for game time now. Same with Thorpe after dropping down to us from Spurs based on ‘a clear path to first football’ being offered up.
    We have a lot of bodies at the club and I sleep better at night knowing NJ has to deal with these issues and not me!

  • Gary Reid says:

    I agree totally especially thorpe start to bring him in and around the first team fold give him more minutes looks a good prospect and the other player I’d like to mention is Harry Isted yet again seems to be passed if at this stage in his career not up to it then let the lad go n play football for another team

  • Chris winter says:

    Hi everyone, a quick one from here in sunny Cyprus. Like jimbo an many others I can’t see the point of njs thinking about any of our development squads. He praises them but non of these promising are kept. Look at the players released again by him yet again. Perriera I feel is good enough but isn’t at 23 a development player any more so play or sell him. The others fair enough loan.

  • Alan says:

    The only thing in NJs defence is many say ,this one of good enough or that one is good enough, but the management team see these guys day in day out in training….only a thought, not a disagreement….

    • Chris winter says:

      Alan may be they do or do not. But I think what we are getting at is since Justin who was here before nj we have not seen anyone really produced from the youth team. So many have been favourably commented on an yet released. They may not have been good enough that being the case I suggest that our academy an club is not good enough at attracting young talent. An no proper under 23 development squad
      Due to the facilities may be a reason

  • Alan says:

    As I said a while ago, Paul Hart is now moving into the academy role and if he can replicate what he did at Leeds, we may see a difference….

    • Chris winter says:

      Could it not be that clubs no longer have scouts all over the country like we used to have. I can remember Pembridge mclaren oakes Doherty and so many more that came from Scotland Wales Ireland from our scouts under pleat maybe we need to go back to the old ways instead of just locally.

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