Date: 21st February 2021 at 5:00pm
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After two consecutive losses, Cardiff City (h) and Stoke City (a), I would imagine the trip back to Bedfordshire, from Staffordshire, saw Nathan Jones do some hard thinking.

Nathan made it clear – its-just-not-acceptable-luton – he was far from happy with the performance his team served up at Stoke, calling it the worst he had witnessed.

This Tuesday evening, we welcome Millwall to Kenilworth Road for a Championship fixture that is of the utmost importance.

Nathan has a choice to make.

Does he:

1 – Give those players who have let him down in recent times a chance to redeem themselves?


2 – Does he shuffle his starting XI and give those who have been on the fringes of the action a chance to shine.

It is a difficult choice, if he goes for option 1 and Luton lose, he will get lambasted. If he goes for option 2 and Luton lose, then he will suffer a similar fate.

Those who frequent social media and who are not afraid to air their views seem to believe he should shuffle his starting XI, as shown by the following posts:

But, if you were in Nathan’s shoes, what would you do?

Would you make wholesale changes, or would you give those who let the club down in recent games, a chance to prove themselves?

Please feel free to air your views in the comment facility beneath this article.

Would You Make Wholesale Changes For The Millwall Game?





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10 Replies to “Luton – Nathan’s Millwall Dilemma”

  • Years ago , luton placed a Keith Allen as centre forward, he was a goal keeper,, he did well , scored a few goals too..
    but certainly if these players have practiced together then they should all know how the other team mates play,, ( apart from Ince and AbeJ ).. so complete change,,, maybe bring back Hilton ?

    • Alan I am sure it was Keith Allen,, time of ray whittaker and harry walden i believe and at end of gordon turners era,, I may be wrong being old and forgetful (:-)

      • Definitely wrong, Keith Allen was an out and out striker. Tony Read did play upfront for us, and incidentally so did Ron Baynham.

        • I appologise ( age dont help in these recollections ),, I knew a goal keeper played as centre forward and thought it was kieth Allen,,, But on the subject how about playing Sluga as centre forward ?

  • NJ fearful of losing ,has confused the players with changing formations on a regular basis.We have adopted negative tactics just to contain teams.The players treat the football like a hot potato nobody seems comfortable with the ball.why don’t we.go back to a high pressing game which we have used well at times and please Nathan use your newly bought in players.The problem with our forward line is they have to spend too much time defending and not in the box.Come on you hatters we can be more adventurous than the way we are playing.

  • Hi mh, I posted earlier the midfield I would play, do yeah 3 or 4 changes for sure…agree with micks comments too…

    • i think its straight forward he starts to drop the players who are simply not doing it at the moment doesnt matter what their name or how big a player he thinks they are! as supporters we all k ow who they are we have cover in all positions lets use them , trouble is some of the players are on easy street they just know they will be in team and thats just not healthy

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