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It’s Just Not Acceptable Luton

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If the Luton support were looking for a pick-me-up, against Stoke City after the poor performance against Cardiff in midweek, they were in for a rude awakening yesterday.

Instead of raising their game and getting back to winning ways, the side capitulated against a very average side to produce, quite possibly, their worst performance of the 2020 / 2021 season.

For those involved, it was probably better that the game was played behind-closed-doors otherwise those wearing our hallowed shirt would have known exactly how the loyal travelling support felt.

With two defeats in a mater of days, that dreaded word, relegation, is once again starting to appear in peoples’ vocabulary.

I do not think things are quite that desperate yet, but it certainly cannot be ruled out.

Nathan Jones, talking to the local media and as reported by The BBC, did not hold back when commenting on what he had just witnessed, remarking:

“When you come back to your old club you really want your players to step up and battle, but we were miles off.

“That was the worst performance I’ve had as Luton manager and a coincidence it has come at my old club.

“Credit to Stoke, they were better than us all over, in every single department. We were inept and the leaders, the strong ones I would like to rely on, were nowhere near.”

To be honest Nathan, it was a shambles but what is most worrying was that if came against a side who I would classify at best, as being an average Championship side.

Unless something is done, a season that started out so well could end in disaster.


Luton Town v Millwall?

Luton to Win

Luton to Win

Millwall to Win!

Millwall to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • alistair says:

    Hi MH, firstly thank you for sharing my thoughts/concerns the other day in question form. Some really great views by fellow hatters, enjoyed reading all of their comments. I don’t like to lambast Nathan as if it were not for his return last season we all know under the previous incumbent GJ we were facing virtually certain relegation. He must have motivated the players & given them belief for them to produce a string of brilliant battling performances to pull off the houdini act that followed. Then earlier this season the good work continued but of course as we all now know momentum has ground to a halt & stagnation has firmly set in. Apart from a recent win against an awful Birmingham results have been really disappointing. I wonder if NJ has gone into his shell or has he lost the ability to rally the troops or keep instilling belief into them? As some of us have already eluded to perhaps picking the same players nearly every game has a great deal to do with it where they feel like they don’t have to earn the shirt. Another point I would like to make is he doesn’t seem to give his new signings & fringe players much of a look in so when he does need to call on them they are too rusty to adapt quickly enough. Maybe herin there lies a big problem, involve more players & drop ones that don’t perform. Also maybe NJ’s over cautious attitude is rubbing off on others but I do believe he can turn things around before it’s too late, perhaps if he stopped to think about what he has achieved with Luton thus far & realised you don’t necessarily become a bad manager overnight. Let’s hope so. COYH

    • Mad Hatter says:

      I’m wondering if he is in danger of losing the dressing room! He certainly needs to shake things up for the Millwall game. There is a piece in the pipeline relating to Nathan, some supporters have shockingly short memories. As for the piece, the other day, based on your comment, it was my pleasure. I may use some of the above in my pending Nathan piece.

  • Danny says:

    lucky to get nil …………… again !

    Moncur, Morrell & Lua Lua to hopefully start on Tues

    What happened to the Stein brothers story MH ?


  • Danny says:

    ha …….. Ok mate


  • Marty says:

    Hi MH,
    I’m the first to admit lacking in soccer knowledge and tactics, just love supporting Hatters as a Lutonian and the style they played up to now, but something is missing, what?

    An obivious fault in our play from yesterday leading to two goals scored was us breaking out from defence with 3 men going forward against 4 Stoke players just waiting nearby for an error to be made on our part, which we did; end result 2 attacker’s against our goalie and scored.

    Another fault is late substitutions especially for attackers, surely if we are in the attacking half, the opponents cannot score and this takes pressure off our defence.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      Nathan’s late substitutions have always been the subject of debate, they need time to get used to the pace of the match and then show what they can do.

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