Date: 22nd February 2021 at 9:30am
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Gaining promotion, out of any division, is always a wonderful achievement and one to be admired.

But moving into a higher division always has its pitfalls.

You are moving into a division where the standard of football is higher, and much more is asked of the players.

I have always believed that it is a three-stage scenario that awaits you.

Stage 1 – survive, do not go straight back down.

Stage 2 – consolidate, do not flirt with relegation, earn a mid-table position.

Stage 3 – IMPROVE!

I am of the firm belief that the Hatters have achieved stages 1 and 2.

Despite all the kerfuffle of recent weeks, I would be amazed if we were dragged into a relegation fight.

But what about Stage 3?

If we are to improve and move up the table next season, I am probably not alone in thinking that changes are required.

Indeed, while I was watching the TV last night, I could not prevent my mind from wondering.

This morning I awoke to find a comment from a regular visitor to Vital Luton Town, Chris Winter, who, with one comment, opened-up the can of worms I had been mulling over the previous evening.

Chris, thinking along the same train of thought I had been journeying down, had this to say:

Hi all, well I have been thinking about this since Tuesday’s defeat at home to Cardiff City.

It seems to me that two things need to change. Nathan Jones must either change the system for the rest of the season to keep us up, or no matter where we are next season, if he wants to keep his system then he must clear out this team and rebuild.

Now if he did then for me apart from the young players, he has brought in – Nombe, Adebayo, Osho and Kioso, Then the only players I would keep are the following:

• Sluga
• Shea
• Bree
• Cranie
• Lockyer
• Potts
• Collins

A short list I know but over the season few have done enough to earn the right to be in this division.

I know many will disagree, but it is up for debate and this is a fans forum for fans to say what they think.

So, has Chris hit the nail firmly on the head, has he judged this one perfectly, or would you beg to disagree?

Please feel free to have your say in the comment facility below and, hopefully, we will get a healthy debate going.


Luton v Sheffield Wednesday?

Luton Town to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

Sheffield Wednesday to Win!

Sheffield Wednesday to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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13 Replies to “Luton – Looking Ahead To Next Season”

  • I disagree that Luton have consolidated their. Championship place . we must rely on 2020. To put in as much money to Jones for future acquisitions as is available and a clear out as suggested would seem far from realistic. To me the board and Nathan Jones have exceeded the expectations we had at the start of2019 2020 season. Well done.

    • Collins (hefellover)you have to be kidding. 1hatrick&he’s a gr8 striker. I don’t think so. No pace can’t pass. Don’t beat anyone in the air can’t shoot. Has he EVER dribbled or taken ANYBODY on 1 to1.

  • Hi mh, well this discussion isn’t going in the direction I expected it to go. Ha ha. Still some interesting replies if nothing else.

  • All the talk about the final 3rd is about the quality of the forwards, which we don’t have championship forwards and we need to start on the front foot not defending from the start, we also need to inject some pace in our play it’s not about pretty football it’s about results ( Hatters supporter for 62 years )

    • Firstly Chris raised some interesting points. However we are not yet an established Championship team. Reasons?
      We do not score enough goals, Collo I would keep but only if we had a real poacher to play alongside him.
      Admittedly he does not have the all round game that would make him a top championship striker, but there are not many top strikers in the league. Collo doesn’t get enough decent chances regularly enough, you would expect for him to get 4 or 5 chances a game. But in games where he gets one or maybe two he can’t finish.. Cornick , if he could finish he would not be playing for us. Lockyer quality, I worked at Bristol Rovers and saw him come through there, but Bradley and Pearson get caught out far too much for me. However I would keep one of them, preferably Bradley. Rea hasn’t turned into the quality utility player we all though he might become.
      I could go on and everyone has an opinion. But another two games without a win and with other sides below us finding form, everything will be immaterial because it will be league one for us.
      We can compete with footballing sides, but against teams like Cardiff, Stoke and Millwall to come, big powerful limited teams, but who play to their strengths, we are poor.

  • Yeah i think it is time for pelly to go his passing is dreadful and he cant shoot does nothing constructive
    Pearson, Bradley,Cranie,Ruddock,Tunnicliffe,Rea,Berry should all go
    Hylton and Collins should stay you cant make a judgement as to whether they can play at this level as they have had no service

  • The hard thing is if we have huge clear out is getting players in. On current form only sluga well bring in a half decent fee….if we get an offer and cash in….my back 4 next season would be…bree, lockyer,osho,kioso and if you wanna play a 3 with wing backs bring Potts or Pearson in….midfield….Morrell, moncur, Clark berry….up front god knows. Collo seems well out of sorts, dont know whether to keep him or not. He his like a moth round a light bulb lately….just throwing his arms around all the time…..think pelly could still be a handy squad player….

  • Hi i would like to say that while the initial post is near enough spot on I think should take collins off list. He is a good striker don’t think he is an out and out championship striker though. Done wonders over the league 1 and 2 seasons but we need serious pace upfront and players who aren’t afraid to run at defenders. Rea had been piss poor this season but because he is mates with NJ he keeps his place every week really annoying another one who I feel hasn’t set the stage alight in this division is pelly. For a guy with his physical presence he gets knocked off the ball quite easily and every game without fail he falls over or can’t pass properly. Changes need making its a results business and the way results are going 2020 will be relying on a miracle for us to stay and receive 8 million pounds again next season.

  • with over a third of the season still to go we’re not needing miracles just yet
    unlike Alice Cooper’s Wycombe who now need 2 points per game to reach a maximum of 52 points.

    Never too high, never too low as the wise former manager used to say.


  • I have been a supporter for 51 years and I have never seen such negative football like we have seen in the 2 months , the team has only 1 up front and Collins isn’t not good enough. Ince should be left in Stoke that should be the first move, I agree with the board spending only 60 % of turnovers on wages, but we need to take a chance on buying better quilty player we are always going to be a selling club but we need to buy I better players and we can always sell them on if we get the right offers

  • Ditto to just about all the above comments, but I won’t be surprised if he starts the same team from Saturday against Millwall. And if Pelly, Bradley or Rea are in the starting line up, it could be another long frustrating evening.
    This isn’t the players fault, this is bad management. He kept telling us we are proving we are a Championship team. he doesn’t seem to see that many of our players are out of their depth at this level, as the embarrassing performance against Stoke highlighted.
    I don’t think we will get relegated, but let’s see where we are in two weeks, unless thing change very soon, I fear bottom four or five.

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