Luton – There Is Criticism And There Is This

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There is no doubting that defeats are painful, with expectancy levels high, pre-match, losing can be a gut-wrenching feeling.

In the immediate aftermath of the sounding of the final whistle, there is a natural inclination to find a scapegoat.

Yesterday, with the Hatters never being at the races as Stoke City humbled them 3-0, if you sift through the plethora of comments left on social media, it appears that Glen Rea fits the bill, as the following posts illustrate:

They are not very pleasant reading; in fact, they make for disgusting reading. I am all for constructive criticism, but the ones selected, like the ones I did not select, are just as spiteful.

Everybody is entitled to their view, but I belong to the group, who I hope are in the majority, who respect those who wear our shirt and whilst they do, they will get my 100% backing.

With that in mind, I’ll finish with the following comment I found on social media:

If that is the way you think mate, then go, see if things are any better at Adams Park, you will not be missed here.


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  • Alan says:

    Hi all, I said myself rea was awful, but I like others no what ge is capable of. Dont need to send him to the gallows. I was angry yesterday, still am a bit but, looking back, no lockyer no Pearson bradley appeared to have strapping on his thigh ince unavailable. To be fair to rea he us being pulled from pillar to post during games. 2 must win home games coming up…..

  • hatter75 says:

    Lets be fair the whole team were awful apart from Clark who run himself into the ground and Sluga.
    The manager is to blame week after week we have little attacking threat he signs someone he thinks may fill the role of a big attacking forward and then lets him sit on the bench till nearly the end of the game?

    What is the point in saying Hylton could have scored 10goals ( which I doubt) and then not playing him till the end when our ability to score was at rock bottom with the current team team selection. Collins lack pace and the ability to turn players he needs to a big tall bustling forward alongside him to contain the centre backs giving him time to turn and shoot. Unless the coaching staff come up with something very difficult myself and others will not be wasting £10 on iFollow away games in the future and to be honest I feel the club is lucky to have my season ticket money given some of the performances.


    • Mad Hatter says:

      Fair points I agree, I can’t see Danny scoring 10 in this division. Perhaps we’ll see a change up front on Tuesday!

    • Bob Beesley says:

      Hylton is not the answer, he has missed golden chances and he is to busy trying to wrestle and disrupt the opposition instead of trying to do what he is paid for !
      We need some energy in the team , if only we had some decent young players who will wear the shirt with pride .COYH

  • Kev says:

    I think everyone would agree Rea had a shocker of a game. But he is still a Luton player and has been a brilliant servant of our club. I am sure we can all think of lots of games were he has been excellent and helped us win matches. Let’s just hope it was a bad day at the office and he bounces back better from it.
    Yesterday was painful to watch and I think NJ needs to mix things up a bit to keep the players fighting for their place. I was pleased to see Morell and Moncur getting a run out. Granted not long enough to make a difference but hopefully will give NJ something to think about ahead of Tuesday as I thought they looked sharp.
    Lots of negativity is unlikely to help. And let’s be honest when has supporting Luton not been a rollercoaster ride. We will find some form again I am sure. COYH.

  • Alan says:

    Absolutely right kev…..roll on tuesday

  • steve says:

    Rae was awful so was Pele !! saying that all apart from Sluga were bloody shocking , thing that annoys me NJ can see as well as us supporters who isnt playing well .yet he keeps on picking them game in game out , his substitutions are mindboggling 2 down and he changes 2 midfielders and makes attacking subs in last 10mins total waste of time! i will support my team through thick and thin but at present time way we are playing and how he sets is up to be negative and try not to lose ( which obviously isnt working)and with his inability to make the right subs at the right time i think NJ is lucky theres no fans at present as i can see fans turning on him

  • Danny says:

    in an attempt to lift the gloom, Stoke’s sponsor Bet365 have 10 teams at a shorter price than us to be relegated despite there only being 8 teams below us !
    Not quite sure how we are 25/1 for the drop whilst sitting just 8 points off the relegation places and totally out of form. Interesting to note Bristol City who are doing a great impression of Hull City from last year are just 8/1 despite being 2 points ahead of us, though we do have a game in hand.

    The bookies rarely get it that wrong 🙂


  • Danny says:



  • Alan says:

    Light at the end of the tunnel then 👍👍

  • Danny says:

    i certainly hope so Alan


  • Grant says:

    Watching the game, I said to my wife at some point late in the 1st half that we were going to lose this game, team was just not quite in it. I think very few players seemed to be in it to normal levels, and Rea had some (very) bad moments, but I think it is harsh to criticize him as the devil incarnate and totally blame him for the loss!! Team had an off day, not for the first time. It is how they bounce back that counts, so roll on Tuesday. Come on all, get behind them, and stop the public flogging… We are punching above our weight, and I think we are holding our own. Anything above bottom three is where we should be looking at, this talk of trying for play-offs is not realistic, and not helpful!

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