Date: 11th February 2020 at 11:53am
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A little something to ponder over!

Yesterday, an article we published – drowning-in-a-sea-of-negativity-its-time-for-the-under-fire-luton-town-manager-to-gamble-on-a-piece-of-positivity – attracted several comments.

One comment, from Alan, contained a line that touched on a very important scenario.

With, so it seems, the Hatters board unwilling to dispense with the services of Graeme Jones, due to, we believe, the final implications, it seems more than likely that Graeme Jones could still be in charge of the Hatters come the start of the 2020 / 2021 season.

With League One football likely to be on the menu and considering the dire season we’re having under the present incumbent of the managerial position, Alan asked whether the board, when considering Graeme Jones position, has possibly considered the fact that financial income could be reduced with some supporters not being prepared to purchase a season ticket for next season.

Although it has been, so far, a dire season, the Hatters support has still been phenomenal, with home crowds continuing to be in excess of 10,000.

But could we be approaching a time where some supporters are so fed up with what is occurring on the pitch they may not renew?

Will In Your View Season Ticket Sales Drop Next Season If Graeme Jones Is Still The Manager?







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45 Replies to “If The Luton Board Refuses To Take Action There Could Be Financial Consequences Down The Line”

  • This is a site for everyone to debate their views on. If you are watching a programme on telly & you don’t like it you switch channels or turn off. The people on here like myself who want the manager to go are saying it because we don’t believe he is at the level required to manage, it’s like a bricklayer who builds crooked walls & we are concerned for our beloved team & it’s future especially in light of the awful events that occurred when we went into the then conference..we have explained why we feel he should leave & are quite entitled to do so it’s a free country & free speech. So if you are one of the ones who thinks we should stick with GJ then tell us why let’s have a debate that’s what this site is for. Alternatively if you don’t like what’s being said you can stop reading the comments like you can turn off the TV. Why shouldnt I be allowed to air my views just because some people don’t like them, that’s ridiculous & as for closing down this site you are having a right giraffe, MH in my view is doing a great job. Over & out.

    • I’m doing my best to make this site worthwhile and that means getting those who visit involved. Like I’ve said before, we’re 100% unofficial and here for the supporters to have their say, whatever their views, but thanks for the praise 🙂

  • OK everybody this debate is now getting out of hand. Danny has posted a very good reason for his views on here an they are valid to him. He may have said something about the site in the heat of the moment. But Al so have you an I to each other remember. So let’s all calm down an think before we post things we may regret. I have made my apologies to Danny so let’s start again

  • OK everybody this debate is now getting out of hand and we have to calm down. Danny has posted a very good reason for his views on the subject in his view. We have all made remarks on here we shouldn’t have said in the heat of the moment Al remember you an I did not long ago. So did I to Danny for which I have apologised for. Remember that we love our club with a passion.

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