Date: 10th February 2020 at 6:46pm
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Positivity, now that’s a word that has been bandied about many a time since I decided to grab the bull by the horns and dedicate more time to this site.

On several occasions, I’ve been accused of being too negative and not being prepared to give Graeme Jones a chance to build a Hatters side we can be proud of.

Thankfully, I’ve got a thick skin and with the support of several others who visit this site who share my opinion, I DO have the good of our club at heart.

Our current predicament, even though I’ve tried to be positive, has already convinced me that it’s back to life in League One next season.

But if, as I suspect, that is to be the case then some serious questions need to be asked in the summer, the main one being the position of who’ll be in the managerial hot seat to lead us back into the promised land that the Championship, for a club of our stature, is.

Trawling the social media sites, it is becoming almost impossible to find any posts that support Graeme Jones staying at the club, that air of positivity I mentioned has been swept away by the negativity 21 defeats in 31 games brings.

Okay, things could have been so different, last time out, when Luton, if they’d taken their chances, would have beaten Cardiff City, but we don’t live in a world of – what-ifs!

We’re at the stage where the support, as can be seen from the posts below, Graeme Jones is living on borrowed time, but just how much is the debatable point:

Anyone care to mention who the worst was?

Looking at the above, are we, if Graeme Jones is kept, heading for a Portsmouth style free-fall back down the leagues?

Now that is an eye-opening thought.

But, returning to that air of positivity I’m constantly being asked to purvey, could Graeme Jones do himself a huge favour against Sheffield Wednesday and give Danny Hylton a game?

It’s just a thought or is the gaffer just too set in his ways and as Margaret Thatcher one said – not for turning?

Your thoughts, in our comment facility, on any of the above ramblings, would be most welcome.

Should Jones Give Danny Hylton A Game Against Sheffield Wednesday?





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13 Replies to “Drowning In A Sea Of Negativity It’s Time For The Under-Fire Luton Town Manager To Gamble On A Piece Of Positivity”

  • The board have been excellent and have got most things right. Unfortunately they are now being to loyal to GJ. We have to be thinking about League One next season and must act now. By appointing a new manager now he will have the chance to look at the squad and assess who he wants to stay and who is expendable. We are losing games now anyway with GJ’s negative mindset and being bored to death. The players are there in this squad, the right formation and tactics have to be used. Football is such an easy game, managers and coaches complicate it. Bad managers will never get it right. We do have currently the worst manager I have ever seen in my 63 years watching the Hatters. The previous manager was one of the best. We all have to swallow our pride and take him back. It will possibly still not keep us up but I guarantee you it would become a close run battle. In answer to your question, he would play Collins and Hilton up front. We would once again all look forward to turning up on a match day and seeing NJ and Sheehan positively taking us forward.

  • As I’ve said on twitter, this guy started off on the wrong foot with dumping Sluga in at the deep end when we had a golden glove keeper. His second real howler was the Izzy Brown comment. His third unforgivable statement was castigating players to the press . These massive errors were so detrimental to a lot of the players it’s beyond belief. I well remember John Still when he was pilloried by fans and he took to the fans. He gained massive respect for that and got us back into the football league and will always be remembered for his achievements. The club were so grateful but he fell short because of inexperience in a higher league. This guy is so way out of his depth it’s incredible. Our fantastic board have stood by him probably because it took a chance on his apparent sincerity which we now know is waffle.
    I don’t doubt he has tried his best but he and his management team he has put together have failed miserably with a core of good players from last year and some poor signings. He chops and changes tactics and players every game and wonders why the players are at a loss. I have no vendetta against this man and started off supporting him earnestly. In all walks of life we know our boundaries and keep our jobs because we get results.
    That said I’m pretty sure we have found ourselves in a situation where we can’t afford to show him and the massive entourage he has amassed, the door.
    I think if we lose on Wednesday he should do the honourable thing and resign. We all make mistakes in life and are held accountable. He is no different and should have had the guts to admit he has failed us, his players and the clubs directors miserably.

  • Excellent comments from everyone on here so far. I to believe a defeat on wed & gj should walk. I wonder if any of 2020 every visit this site. They should as it may help them remove there blinkers. As i have said before i admire what they have done, but they have made a massive dent in all there hard work…that must start thinking of season tickets sales for next season, if they are happy to stick with gj….some fans may not bother im afraid…

  • Brilliant comments from you all, for me it’s a no brainer that Hylton starts on Wednesday. As I’ve said before, GJ has not made full use of the players at his disposal due to his stubborn & blinkered approach. This player has been fit for nigh on two months & with Cornick misfiring why oh why has Danny not been given his chance? It’s OK for GJ to keep reminding us that he hasn’t played at this level before but unless you try him you will never know will you? Anyway Collins hadn’t played at this level either till this season & he’s netted 9 times so far & he gets a game every week. As others have already said on here, we don’t doubt GJ has tried his best but he is woefully out of his depth, apparently it now transpires he wasn’t much kop as a number 2 either at West Brom. If he thinks he is doing a good job then I’m afraid he is delusional, but if he doesn’t then he can’t have a conscience & I don’t know how he sleeps at night. Personally I would sack him immediately to avert long term damage because as has also been mentioned it could cost a lot more with lost revenue long term but obviously the board look at it more from a financial perspective, whereas us fans look at it more as a religion.

  • Ps : Also if he stays how much further down the leagues are we going to plummet, after what has historically happened to this club we are more sensitive than most clubs to returning to the dark old days of non league & obviously you don’t get 10,000 every home match at that level do you?

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