Date: 24th July 2020 at 10:03am
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The realisation that the Hatters will be playing Championship football, next season, has finally sunk in.

The hangover has gone but that silly smile that has lit up my face since the final whistle went after that dramatic 3-2 win against Blackburn, remains.

Following that crucial win, on Tuesday night, I’ve read a plethora of column inches covering how the Hatters, somehow, managed to retain, against all the odds, their Championship status.

A lot of the articles, quite rightly, praise the returning Nathan Jones for the role he played in achieving the improbable.

However, here at Vital Luton Town, we’re insistent that everyone involved with our fine club deserves credit for what was achieved.

Nevertheless, Nathan, as the clubs’ manager, was always going to take the lions’ share of the praise when it comes to what the club achieved, with the social media post below typical of the comments left:

However, in our hour of triumph, there was one other post that caught my attention:

Now that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, I’m sure we can find a space for such a tribute somewhere in or around the Power Court complex, when it is finally built.

But, when it comes to doing sensational, the post below really caught my eye:

How about it, Nathan?


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20 Replies to “Luton Support Ask Nathan To Do The Ultimate Gesture After Dramatic And Successful Championship Survival Fight”

  • Congratulations to everyone at Luton Town FC .I for one never thought we would stay up after the Reading game. Nathan Jones you’re have been brilliant since you came back. I don’t blame you for going should have done it better, what most fans didn’t like was the manager of the month in wrong shirt that’s the past so we should all move on. I don’t think Mick Harford has been given the credit he deserves he is Luton a true

  • It takes a real man to to apologise when he recognises his big mistake. Yes of course it was the team that won the right to stay in the championship. But the devotion shown by all members of the support staff, the decision of the directors to re-appoint Nathan all played their part.

    The players who agreed to play on even though their contracts were at an end and not knowing whether they would have a job after Wednesday should also be applauded for their contribution. The motivation that Nathan brought to the team when they seemed almost doomed was the deciding factor.

    Here’s hoping the new season can start with a full attendance at the Kenny and we have a season for that all of can be proud of.


    • I was sceptical about NJ returning, but have been proved wrong. He brought real energy to the job instead of pleading being “little Luton”.
      Haven’t been to a home game for some years as now living in Cornwall, but still following after 65 years!

  • Huge credit to Nathan Jones, the coaching staff and of course 2020. What an escape that was ! Nathan is surely now fully forgiven and fully rehabilitated as a true Hatter. Yes he’s a loon but he’s our loon. So excited to have him as manager and another crack at the Championship. Gary Sweet, 2020, unbelievable class shown by you all to reappoint NJ and move on from the disappointment of the premature ending of what had been a dream team. Fingers crossed we keep him for the next 2-3 seasons and each one sees us grow stronger in the Championship and the beginning of Power Court. The future is bright. The future is Orange (albeit red in certain lights).

  • should have let G J go earlier, wouldnt have been a nerve wracking end of season,, Mick Harford needs more than a mention in our survival seems with N J they work well

  • Regards to Brian’s comment, the only prat is the prat who got us in such a dire position. Get real m8, if gj was here we would be done, as he would have persisted with playing Browne ( light weight) & bree out of position at left back…there would have been no Lee or Berry… we were all angered by the way nj left but he has proved his worth, apologised, so move on…

    • Hi. Mh an Alan, what did I say on here. When we 3 were keeping the site ticking along silence. Now many of of the people who decried me when I was warning about gj are slagging him. An hailing nj at least 1 or 2 are acknowledging micks contribution yet again.

      • how the wheel turn when it comes to their vision of GJ, good to see Mick Harford getting the appreciation he deserves though

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