Date: 23rd July 2020 at 12:42pm
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If anyone doubts the magnitude of what Nathan Jones achieved since returning to the Luton Town managerial hot-seat then this should prove to be interesting reading.

When Nathan replaced Graeme Jones, Luton were looking at being relegated.

Nathan had just 9 games to do what many perceived to be impossible.

From those 9 games, Nathan saw his rejuvenated side accumulate 16 points, enough to ensure our Championship status was retained.

Those 16 points equate to the equivalent of 1.777 points per game.

Now, if we were to use that figure and multiply it by the number of games in a season, 46, then Luton Town Football Club would have achieved 81.77 points.

If you look at the Championship table, 81.77 points would have put the Hatters in 3rd place in the table.

That, my friends, is the magnitude of what Nathan Jones achieved during those crucial last 9 fixtures!

Simply astonishing I would say!

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9 Replies to “If You Want To Know Just How Good Luton Were Since Nathan Jones Re-Joined The Hatters Then Read On…”

  • Hi mh, not only that but the majority of the players used were ignored by the previous manager or played out of position. Nathan used what was basis of our div 2 an 1 promoted teams. Forged by mh an the old coach. Which tells me that the div 1 team would have held its own in the championship if not for poor management enough said!!! As you know I wasn’t totally enamored with Nathan’s returning an I still feel mhs return to the training ground has been overlooked. Mh is known as our relegation manager but people forget that he got enough points that season to be above mid table an he is not getting the credit he richly deserves

  • Wonderful, simply wonderful!! Think the return of the prodical son to save us (and let’s not forget his own reputation post Stoke City) was written in the stars, like he had to achieve this goal in order to receive redemption from most of the fans & possibly the board too. I can understand the bitterness he caused when he left & the illadvised infamous photo that was taken of him, but the fact is that he has apologised & we all make mistakes, also he was trying to further his career which to be fair I think most people would also do if put in the same position. The fact is that this is a business at the end of the day & managers & players are always moving around even if they would rather stay at a particular club. I think now the hatchet should be buried, after all although we will never know, does anyone really think GJ could have saved us from the drop too? I very much doubt it so think we should all rejoice now & regroup ready for the next exciting installment whenever that may be still as a championship club, oh & just to make it a bit more spicy,with a realistic chance of playing our fiercest rivals Watford after such a long time & possibly Wycombe too. COYH.

  • Hi all, lot of people saying about players we should keep or sign..ccv, I think is out of contract, maybe we could do a deal if so, if not maybe spurs may allow another season loan….also let’s remember o’kane is with us for the coming season..he is far more creative than Browne would ever be…also maybe if villa stay up they maybe a further loan deal with bree…if any of those deals can be done along with an out & out striker I don’t think much more need doing…apart from the reading game our defence was a lot more tighter than it ever was under gj…glen rea is a must to stay, as he is a major part of our defensive set up…

  • Hi mh, some sad news to pass along former player Alan garner passed away last night. He was working at the airport. I remember fondly Alan’s playing days here. My deepest sympathy to his family.

  • Hi Alan, I have made the position on ccv perfectly clear in a previous post. I am hearing also there may be 2 or 3 departures next week also do not be surprised if a familiar figure returned in a new position. As to bree I’m not bothered as I was not overly impressed. I would rather mick found a young guy like kioso who I have high hopes for as a partner

  • Well I’m we didn’t finish 3rd. We would if lost in the play off’s

    But the man did good !

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