Date: 5th June 2021 at 8:47am
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As another week draws to a close, I have to say, as far as summer transfers go, it has been a good week.

Midweek saw the Hatters persuade the out-of-contract Hull central defender, Reece Burke, agree to move to Kenilworth Road, something we were keen to report upon – luton-support-reaction-to-latest-signing.

The latest transfer deal also gave us, here at Vital Luton Town, the perfect opportunity to use our poll facility to gauge your opinion on the signing, by asking –

Reece Burke Signs For Luton?

We only gave you two option to choose from:

• Delighted


• Disappointed

The result was astoundingly one-sided with 97% of the votes going for the Delighted option.

I cannot recall when it comes to a new signing, such a one-sided poll.

But will Burke go straight into the starting XI and if so, who will be his central defensive partner?

Or, perhaps, the Hatters will switch to a back-three next season, on occasions, utilising wing-backs, we can only wait and see.

Interesting times ahead methinks.


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Not Bothered!

Not Bothered!

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5 Replies to “Luton – Delighted Rules The Roost”

  • Morning mh, doesn’t matter to me if the new boys start or not. As long as they are good enough replacements. Then the squad isn’t weakened an now we must put all our efforts into replacing Collins. Even if we can’t afford to get a 20 goal a season. As long as they can chip in with 10 to 15 an adebayo continues with his strike rate then the front 2 will get 20 to 30 goals an we know others will get 15 to 20.

  • Agree with Chris, mind you a solid back four is a great start. Keeping opponents goal less leads to more three points or worst case a point. We need consistent goal scorer more than anything who is not injury prone. NJ and MH seem to pick up a gem every so often. Adebayo is a real prospect he needs a partner though.
    Here’s a thought now uk are out of Europe is the Bosman rule still binding ? I expect so BUT wouldn’t it be nice to get a transfer fee when players contracts finishes as a reimbursement for all the training and effort to improve a player. That way money reaches the lower teams as is distributed more evenly through lower teams should get more money for discovering young players.
    Thoughts please.

    • It has always been a contentious issue for me the way in which players can run down their contracts and leave for no fee. I can understand it if they are coming towards the end of their careers but otherwise not.

  • I think he is a great signing. NJ likes to play three CDs on occasion. You only have to look at the amount of times Bradley, Pearson and Lockyer (when fit) or Naismith all played. It remains to be seen who gets the berths when all are fit but I believe Burke can play wider and Naismith can play virtually anywhere.

  • Everton have Just released Josh Bowler, someone like him also on a free and of good age and pedigree would be great for luton If we could only score a few more goals then top six is a real possibility, sure Mick and the team are looking at him hope so anyway.

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