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The Luton Town ‘E’ and ‘F’ XI

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I’m back among the land of the living, the nightmare of 5×12 hour shifts has come and gone and it is time to get back on the writing trail.

Today, with the town bathed in the lovely spring sunshine, it is time to resume our trawl through the alphabet.

Recently, we’ve published a Luton Town XI containing players who have surnames beginning with first ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and then ‘D’.

Today, it is the turn of the letters ‘E’ and ‘F’ purely because it is impossible to compile an XI from just the letter ‘E’.

0nce again, my cohort Chris Winter has risen to the challenge and come up with the following eleven:

• Jake Findlay
• Kevin Foley
• Paul Futcher
• John Faulkner
• Frazer Franks
• Lil Fuccilllo
• Adrian Forbes
• Jaroslav Fojut
• Ron Futcher
• Rodney Fern
• Andrew Fotiadis

As for my XI, I opted for the following:

• Ian Feuer
• Paul Elliott
• Steve Foster
• Paul Futcher
• Kevin Foley
• Sean Evers
• Lil Fuccillo
• Carlos Edwards
• Lars Elstrup
• Ron Futcher
• Rodney Fern

Next up, as we continue our trawl through the alphabet is the letter ‘G’ stay tuned.

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  • Chris winter says:

    Hi mh, here’s a team of G,

    Gk Tony godden
    Fb Alan garner Ashley grimes
    Ch Clive Goodyear Claude gnapka
    Mid Tony grealish bontcho guenchev luke graham
    Forwards David geddis Don givens Andre grey
    Regards chris

  • Tony Byfield says:

    My team of “G”s is as follows:
    Tony Godden
    Ken Goodeve, Alan Garner,Clive Goodyear, Alan Goodall
    Tony Grealish, Don Givens, Ashley Grimes
    Liam George, Phil Gray, Tony Gregory.

    Cheers from Cornwall.

  • Alan Robinson says:

    No Graham French in the E & F team ? — You’re having a laugh — he was the most skilful player to wear a Luton Town shirt — in my humble opinion !

  • Alan Robinson says:

    And if Mr.Winter choosing Franks over Steve Foster ? — still, we are all entitled to our opinions ! Stay Safe and looking forward to the rest of the alphabet.

    • Chris winter says:

      Hi Alan, this has just been a bit of fun. It isn’t about the best team but who we can remember. An I like to put in a couple of wobbles that I remember an maybe people forget. To jog memories. Like lan feur was a shoe in so I picked jake findley

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