Date: 20th September 2011 at 7:10pm
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All the time I`ve been following Luton the cry has always been that the club needs to move location.

Often, the reason cited related to the land immediately behind the Maple Road Stand being used for the re-introduction of a rail link or something similar.

Well for years nothing ever happened behind the Maple Road Stand and consequently any immediate desire to re-locate never actually materialized with various projects coming and going.

Now, stuck in non-league football, financial constraints make a new stadium highly unlikely, but, just as you feared those ideas of a transport link were also pie-in-the-sky, they have come to fruition.

If you`ve taken a drive along Hatters Way recently, you`ll see exactly why the club felt it needed to relocate.

The land immediately behind the main stand has been chiseled away right up to the walls of the stand, in places, and it looks to be precariously placed.

It`s a sad sight, even more so when you consider that the majority of the towns` citizens believe the bus-link the council are wasting millions of pounds on is nothing more than a white elephant!

And they call it progress!