Luton Town – One Defeat Does Not A Season Make

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A defeat is always hard to swallow, even more so when it is inflicted by a team lower than you in the Premier League table.

And, even more so when it is at home and the defeat comes at the hands of a side at the foot of the table and already being condemned as a cert to be relegated.

But, in the cold light of the day, was the defeat as bad as we all thought?

It is not rocket science that, even though we were on an unbeaten run, defeat was going to come sometime, just a matter of who against.

Admitedly, Sheffield United were not on my hymn sheet as the side being the ones to do it, but nothing is simple in this life of ours we live.

But reflecting on the events of yesterday we can take encouragement from the other results relating to teams involved in the relegation dogfight.

Burnley lost away to Liverpool, Everton were beaten away to Manchester City and Nottingham Forest were beaten, at the City Ground, by Newcastle United.

So, apart from Sheffield United reducing the large gap between themselves and safety, it is pretty much a case of deja-vu at the bottom.

The Hatters remain in 17th position, a point above the relegation places and a point behind the team above us, Nottingham Forest.

But will matters remain that way?

Looking at the next two Premier League games, each side faces, the Hatters have, in my opinion, the toughest challenge:

Luton Town

• Manchester United (h)
• Liverpool (a)

and as for our rivals:


• Crystal Palace (h)
• Brighton (a)

Sheffield United

• Brighton (h)
• Wolves (a)


• Arsenal (h)
• Crystal Palace (a)

Nottingham Forest

• West Ham United (h)
• Aston Villa (a)

Now, as I pointed out, the Hatters, in my opinion, face the stiffest test, but after the shock result of yesterday, would anyone care to assess how the teams around us will perform in their next couple of games?

All I’ll say is that Crystal Palace feature heavily and it wouldn’t surprise me if they got sucked deep into the relegation battle.


Luton Town v Manchester United?

Luton Town to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

Manchester United to Win!

Manchester United to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • Chris winter says:

    For me yesterday will go down as our worst result of the season bar none . That said I see no reason to despair yet.

  • jimbo says:

    the long ball played over osho, reminded me when bradley used to caught out. just reset and go again. COYH.

  • Alan says:

    Surprised nobody has mentioned barkley losing possession in the last 2 games, when an easy pass has been available, costing us crucial goals. Had it been certain other midfielder he would have been crucified…..I like Ross and admire his talent, but we are in a relegation battle, it needs him to play for the team & play the simple pass rather than trying to do it alone. Just my opinion.

  • Chris winter says:

    I did see that Alan and your right. But I think he’s now earned some leeway from certain quarters with what he’s done already for us. But I can’t argue you he’s cost a couple of goals.

  • Alan says:

    Cheers Chris. I agree with you to, his presence has changed the way we play. It’s just sometimes keep it simple…..
    Would love to see mengi & changed start next week. Think they would like to prove a point to utd.

    • Chris winter says:

      I agree I have high hopes for Sunday. I think we can beat them if only we put up performance like against arsenal Liverpool and city. I don’t rate utd at all at the moment.

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