Luton Town FC Game Analysis: Strategies and Future Perspectives

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Everybody loves a good underdog story and Luton Town F.C has the potential to be that story. They have already given some of the top performers a run for their money. What’s more audiences love when the odds are against someone, and that’s true in a literal sense.

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Luton has already made history, they are the first non-league team that joined the Premier League. Now we got to watch their journey as they compete with the crème de la crème. Here is the analysis of the Luton Town game and some of the future perspectives.

Tactical Analysis

Recent Luton Town F.C. games in the National League have demonstrated a strong nine-year rise that culminated in an incredible penalty victory in the EFL. This is a team that significantly lacks in funding compared to other Premier League competitors, so the true underdog story has officially started.

During the last season, they have used a 3-5-2 formation that can easily shift into 3-4-1-2. Their left-wing player Alfie Doughty covers a lot of ground in the upper part of the field, while the right-wing needs to go deeper and look for pass opportunities.  When they aren’t in possession they are laser-focused on denying space. They use a tight back line that can stop the advance on both left and right, but they are not strangers to changing the shapes of their formation (eg. from .5-3-2 to 5-2-2-1) These changes are typically communicated through substitutions.

Performance in December

In December 2023, Luton Town F.C. had some difficult matchups.

  • Newcastle United
  • Brentford
  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester City
  • Sheffield United

They went against Manchester City and Arsenal which are in the top 4 according to current rankings. In fact, apart from Brentford and Sheffield United, the rest were all difficult opponents. Luckily, hatters have managed to get 6 points which is something that the majority of fans have expected. They also had an incredible comeback in a match against Chelsea, going from 3:0 to 3:2.

Even more surprising was the game against Manchester City. Hatters were commendable and pushed hard. The match almost ended in a draw when Bernardo Silva scored in 62’. The celebration was short-lived as Man City took the lead again in 65’.

Future Perspectives

It’s undeniable that the team has a lot of fighting spirit and they have shown it time and again during December. In one of the ESPN UK shows Mark Ogden made a bold prediction that  Luton Town F.C. will stay up. The most noteworthy Luton Town F.C news now is the upcoming match with Burnley, and given the team’s recent performance you could argue they stand a decent chance of winning. That being said the bookmakers are favouring the home team.

Still, there is a lot on the line here, and hatters are extremely motivated. They ended their 31-year wait to join the Premier League, and their home stadium is undergoing big upgrades. It’s difficult to stay and compete at this level, but hatters performance has shown they have the potential to do so.

Currently, the team is struggling against fast counter-attacks, so their strategy to deny space to the opposing team doesn’t always work. Another pain point is the rate of possession. They need to be more aggressive and make sure they control the ball more often. With the increase in control, they’ll get more chances to score it’s as easy as that.

Their Achilles heel is the long passes from the middle. This is their main attack focus that is prone to interruptions. The interruption results in quick counterattacks which they are vulnerable to. In other words, they need to diversify their approach and become less reliant on their wing players.


Overall Luton Town F.C. games are exciting to watch, and their fan base has increased since they joined the big league. As mentioned viewers love to witness a good underdog story, but we need to have realistic expectations. Right now the main goal is to stay and continue to compete. As we have seen the team does have weak spots that opponents can exploit, but they can also make quick adjustments to their formation. One thing is certain though, the Premier League would be better with this team in it.

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