Date: 27th December 2013 at 1:33pm
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Reading through the tweeter feed yesterday it`s shocking how those associated with Barnet heaped the blame on John Still with regards to the referee deciding, eventually, that a red card was a better punishment than a yellow card for that shocking tackle made on Smith by Nurse.

The tweets seemed to infer that it was Still`s f`ing and blinding that caused the referee to pull out the red card after initially settling for a yellow.

However, after the dust had died down on proceedings, Still gave his version of events, a version that should shame those behind the Barnet tweets, with Still remarking,

“As soon as it happened, the fourth official (had a better view). I don`t know the referee`s view, the referee can only give what he sees and I understand that.”

“But, the fourth official was standing right next to us and I think it was him that made it clear to the referee.”

“I don`t think he would have said anything unless the referee hadn`t gone over to the linesman and asked ‘did you see it?`

“I think he saw by the uproar around it, the state of the challenge and I think that once he did that, the fourth official was letting him know that he had seen the incident quite clearly, because he had our view.”

“And I think that once he spoke to him, he realized that it was a sending off.”

So there you have it, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.