Date: 29th November 2019 at 9:06am
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With the month of December almost upon us, our thoughts will soon be turning to the opening of the January transfer window.

Naturally, with the Hatters having not made the impact we’d all hoped for in the Championship, we’re keen to see who the club might bring in to bolster the squad and help in assisting the much-needed climb up the Championship table.

But, the opening of the transfer window could also herald the departure of several players who were part of our historic back-to-back promotion campaigns but, for one reason or another (we’ll leave you to ponder why), haven’t been given the chance to operate, at this level, on a permanent basis.

Names that immediately spring to mind being:

• Marek Stech
• Alan Sheehan
• Frankie Musonda
• Elliot Lee
• Danny Hylton
• Luke Berry
• George Moncur

This season, Graeme Jones, since becoming the Hatters boss, has rotated his starting eleven but has still to hit upon a settled starting eleven that could take the club forward.

The gaffer seems to favour those players he brought to the club in the summer as opposed to those in the list above which, in my mind, leaves those listed above in a predicament whereby they could exit Kenilworth Road, in January.

Now here is where we are looking for your input.

We’d like to know which of the above is the most likely to leave Luton Town Football Club, in January, and which of those listed you believe should be a regular in the starting eleven this season.

Please feel free to drop your viewpoint into the comment facility beneath this article.

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18 Replies to “Which Of Your Hatters Favourites Could Be Heading Out Of Kenilworth Road In The January Transfer Window?”

  • Sluga to go to start with .Disappointed not to have seen more of George Moncur this Wait and see how Hylton is. I’d keep Sheehan.

  • George Moncur has to stay and has to start playing. The team needs him and my kids just named the kitten after him (George Moncat)

  • If anyone would have to go then it would be Stech only. Berry had a cracking game against Cardiff in the League Cup against Cardiff and with poor defensive displays and a lack of goals then the remainder should stay. Jones has ruined the dynamics of the squad and brought in crap like Galloway and Sluga for what? I’m not impressed with the other signings either if truth be told.

  • Always difficult with an outstanding promotion team coming into the Championship, which is a much, much, bigger step up than coming from League 2 into league 1. Rotherham came up, not much money to spend but got relegated first up. Luton, Barnsley and Charlton came up and apart from the early surge Charlton are now also struggling. Neither of these three clubs are very financial, so mostly rely on the players that got promoted with them into the championship and then rely on cast offs and free transfers from other championship clubs. It is all well and good saying that these players have championship experience, but it does seem that some of the better players in the league one promotion team have perhaps not been given a better opportunity to prove themselves in matches. I really wanted to see a fit Hylton playing regularly in the championship to see how effective he would be at that level.

  • Read Jones thoughts about fringe players an hylton. Don’t believe a word if we get a decent bid for any of the players on your list including hylton. He wants them all out an they will be gone if he can offload them on way or another

  • At Brentford this is a disgrace no hope no defence no spark an if at home would be leaving. For me this is the last straw. I said before the season started Jones was not the man for us. Now I would even have nathen back an that’s saying something

  • Never in 25yrs have I been so embarrassed by a luton performance this was totally unacceptable from a luton team I saw no pride from anyone or anyone trying to gee up each other its sickening to have such shame. Brought about by a hapless manager with no idea about management. Just a complete sense of I know best don’t argue with me. Well Jones do the decent thing resign now

  • No leader on the pitch, Division one top scorer playing out of position, just to accommodate Izzy Brown and must be completely disillusioned. Players obviously don’t like manager who still hasn’t a clue what his best team is and shows no emotion, before during or after game. Go now before its too late

  • Agreed…Berry, Hylton, Moncur deserve chance now surely. What hit our chances this season was the loss of our 2 most influential players from last season.
    Why Breadbin is back baffles me as he couldn’t even get us out the conference.
    Sheehan would be a better assistant than him.
    Nathan Jones should have never left Luton Town..
    Let’s get rid of GJ now and get established/proven manager at this level….

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