Date: 6th January 2020 at 6:32pm
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If Luton Town are, as we all hope, to turn their season around, they need to start picking up points on a regular basis.

The longer the Hatters remain in the relegation places, especially that bottom spot, the quicker the hope fades of climbing the table.

But, as we’ve discovered in recent weeks, getting results isn’t as easy as we’ve found in the two previous seasons.

With just 20 games to go, every game is important, every game, with no FA Cup distractions anymore, needs to be treated as a cup final.

The next four games Luton face look, on paper, to be particularly challenging, as can be seen below:

• Saturday 11-Jan-20 – Birmingham (h)
• Sunday 19-Jan-20 – Nottingham Forest (a)
• Saturday 25-Jan-20 – Derby County (h)
• Saturday 01-Feb-20 – West Bromwich Albion (a)

As luck would have it, or perhaps that should be wouldn’t have it, three of those games are against teams, Birmingham City, Nottingham Forest and West Bromwich Albion, who are all chasing promotion, can we raise our game to get something from those three? Would a total of 3 points, suffice?

The other game sees Derby County come to our neck of the woods, Derby, since Frank Lampard left, have struggled, in my opinion, we have to target 3 points in this one.

Therefore, by my basic mathematics, I believe we need to take a minimum of 6 points from the next 12 available if the great escape is to be set in motion.

Am I being over-ambitious or is that a realistic target?

From The Next Four Games Luton Will Take?

9-12 Points!

9-12 Points!

5-8 Points!

5-8 Points!

0-4 Points!

0-4 Points!

Please feel free to let me know and also take the opportunity to express your views in the comment facility beneath this article.

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32 Replies to “What Lies In Store, Points Wise, For The Hatters In Their Next Four Championship Games?”

  • Ye my mate text me an hour that a West Ham fan that he works with in London and knows a lot of football people said that Warnock is gonna be the next Luton boss, his mate hasn’t any real interest in Luton but that was what he was told, would be delighted if true. I didn’t know you spotted him at Luton ground.

  • Just had John Pyper text me and said the rumours are tosh and he is normally in the know, so where is all this Warnock stuff coming from? Dissappointed now.

  • Ye Mick couldn’t do any worse. My preferences for a new manager are Warnock or Pullis till the end of season just to properly organise us especially defensively, as Jones just throws players all over the place hoping he will get lucky and get a win, there is nothing constructive to what he does and if we keep him we are definitely going down

  • Derby game will be off, because they are in the 4th round of fa cup, so possibly 2 weeks without a game. Not great to have 2 weeks off in our position, although it might help clear up some outstanding injuries.

  • In answer to your question re how many points from the next four games mad hatter, I think we will get between 0-4 but agree with you that in reality we probably do need at least 6. Not unless of course a miracle happens & someone like Warnock comes in really soon like yesterday..

  • Graham it’s plain for any fool,
    To see where this is going,
    Luton Town’s season is dying,
    Instead of continually growing…

    You are way out of your depth,
    Being disillusional to the end,
    Is’nt it time to man up & leave,
    Instead of playing let’s pretend…

    This is a different sort of game,
    You’re just damaging our team,
    Toying with a hurt teams future,
    Destroying every hatters dream…

    If you have a heart & any sense,
    Please just do the decent thing,
    Let another repair the damage,
    Your muddled mind does bring…

    So Luton Town can rise again,
    Like before in previous years,
    And all that love this great club,
    Can begin to dry their heavy tears….

  • Hi mad hatter an Alan, so my post yesterday was tosh OK. Let’s see what happens. Negotiations on going could gj be getting a new member to his back room staff till the end of the season.

  • Hi Chris I really hope your right but how can that work Jones would feel undermined by Warnock there and if he needs that much help we’ll shows how incompetent Jones is at his job. I remember the Kinnear and Lil Fucillo carry on, Lil was never gonna stay there Kinnear was brought into be manager not direct Lil. The other thing is how could we afford Warnock aswell as Jones.

    • Eddie, I don’t prophece to know the minds of the owners. But I assume that having someone who has been in this position could help gj. And anyway if they have other offers to manage may not wish to take our offer. May I also point out that I said he was at the club. Not at the ground do you think they may wish confidentiality an meet in private. The owners like to keep their cards close to their chests.

  • Fair play there must be something in this, ye Warnock may want to come in and assist as he is supposed to be retired so it would be less pressure than being a manager. Let’s wait and see hope Mrs. Doubtfire joins us,watch this space.

  • I agree Chris, I doubt he would listen either, he is to set in his ways. If we lose at home this Saturday surely he has to go, mind you I’ve been saying that for about 2 months now.

    • Eddie if you had seen my post before the season started you would have been worried from then lol. Mad hatter will confirm that. I knew his rep an said so on here. Also why he’s still here. Alan didn’t believe at first till let a little of what I know out.

  • Hi Chris, where exactly were you when you saw him and was it at Eric Morecombe suite doors or at Kenny End? Pyper reckons there is more chance of Judas Jones coming back than Warnock coming, no thanks I would rather have Warnock any day.

  • Eddie I never said I saw him. I can’t reveal how I find out what I do. But not everyone has to be an employee of ltfc. Outsiders have to be used.

  • Not the best news from Sweet this morning, no extra funds for players, so that means we are also stuck with Jones, we can’t afford to sack him and as for Warnock coming we can forget that. We go down with Jones and keep him next season we will be in relegation zone in league 1 aswell, how depressing.

    • Hi Eddie, I think you have misread his comments. He appears to be saying that there is no extra money available. That doesn’t mean that there are no funds for buying also I think you’ll find any money brought in by sales of players could be used to strengthen the team

  • Hi Chris, your correct, I looked on the article again and as you say no extra funds as a result of yesterday but it does worry me that Collins could be sold to finance bringing players in, if that happens I dread to think what rubbish the team will be it’s bad enough already.

  • Eddie its not collins who will go. Look to stech moncur Berry musonda lee. These are players he will look to offload. An maybe a couple of others

  • I would be gutted about Moncur, okay he isn’t a 90 min man but can be a match winner and Berry has been one of our better players of late.

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