Date: 7th January 2020 at 12:01pm
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The January transfer window has been open for almost a week now.

However, as far as the Hatters support goes, we’re all, still on tenterhooks with regards to any additions to the squad.

With a relegation battle to contend with, there’s no doubting that the Hatters could do with strengthening their squad.

But we’re realistic to accept that the club has to operate within their means, there are financial obligations to be adhered to if we’re not going to travel down the dark road we’ve been down before.

Sat here in the editorial chair, I have my own opinion on which area of the side needs the most attention.

But I’d also like to read your views.

Therefore, please feel free to have your say, in the comment facility beneath this article.

Do you believe we need:

• A new keeper
• A full-back
• A defender
• A defensive midfielder
• An attacking midfielder
• A winger


• A striker

the most?

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what the consensus is.

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Simon Sluga

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James Shea

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17 Replies to “What Area Of The Side Do Luton Need To Strengthen The Most With The January Transfer Window Open?”

  • I think the priorities depend to some extent on whether Jones intends to stick with the diamond midfield which requires solid, fit and quick full backs (like Stacey and Justin!).

    However we definitely need another striker and a quick centre back who’s comfortable on the ball. Someone who provides a goal threat from midfield and a creative player (unless Shinnie is given more of a chance).

    If Daniel’s is better than Bree and Potts gets himself fit then the full back situation may be sufficient .

  • If as GJ says Danny Hylton is fit again, I would bring him back straight away as he already has an understanding with Collins & he is a quality player. Maybe play him for an hour against Birmingham then increase his game time gradually thereafter. As for other areas think centre back, defensive midfielder & perhaps another full back. But not wanting to state the obvious if GJ stays don’t think it will make any difference who plays, as others have already stated he is set in his ways & takes too long to learn from his mistakes, that’s the problem when you are an ‘apprentiship’ manager! Problem is with that everyone else suffers.

  • We need 2 fullbacks who can tackle and stop crosses, 2 centre halves again who can tackle and have a bit of pace. Too often we let opponents run at us from the half way line without being tackled or challenged, Other teams think nothing of committing fouls to stop players from having a free run at goal, Luton don’t. We also need a strong tackling midfielder and one that can open up a defence with a killer pass, Too often it seems that our players are not comfortable on the ball and are happy to just get rid of it and lose possession. We also need someone to help Collins up front as it seems he is the only one that can get up and down the pitch without huffing and puffing. Above all we need a leader on the pitch who can give a rollicking to players that are not pulling their weight.
    It always looks as if our players are knackered and unfit after half an hour or so and this is confirmed by us being over-run in the second half in most games and conceding late on. (Who is the fitness trainer?) Every week we hear Jones complain that other teams have more money and better players than ours, but if your not as good as the other team you should be able to make it up with extra effort and chase every ball and put the opposition under pressure. Luton don’t we give the opposition so much time on the ball. Its not helped by Jones changing the team every week, playing players out of position and changing tactics, he’s obviously out of his depth as a manager and both he and his assistant manager Brabin should go now before its too late.

  • So Jones admits he’s not doing a good job. Well resign an do the decent thing. You knew the financial situation an said you were happy to work under them. Yet you have done nothing but moan about it an the players you have. Let someone else who will be able to rally the players you have destroyed. With your negative attitude an tactics.

    • Hi chris , i agree with your comments 100%. But yesterday was woeful against an awful brum side. Players looked uninterested and clueless. Last 10 mins saw bradley upfront and not 1 ball was played up to him even tho we had spent most of the game humping it long to nobody.we all no GJ is no good but i think the players need to start taking things into there own hands.

      • Hi Alan as I have said before. There is unrest an while gj is trying to pacify them by playing them more. He is actively trying to offload them believe me!!!

        • Chris, no one will be after any of those players on that showing. I no there is unrest but GJ as u have said aint going anywhere so the players now need to get on with it, cos if they play like that again the crowd will turn on them soon.

          • Hi Alan, you may be right, but I think that would be unfair to the players morale is now rock bottom. Due to gj an brabin an that is from 2 players they are baffled just as we are

  • The manager claims there are financial restrictions, but what has happened to The £8million we got for Justin, the £4million we got for Stacey and the compensation we got from Stoke when Natham Jones went, All we have spent is £1.5 million pounds on a goalkeeper who has cost us at least 9 points (yet another one this week, the first one against Birmingham). His howlers in goal means he must have the most goal assists this season. More than any other Luton player, unfortunately they have all resulted in goals against Luton. Why does Jones keep playing him?

  • Geoff what is it you don’t understand. Our owners are not mega rich. Who do you think has to pay for the new stadium an retail outlet!!!! When these are up an running then we will have more money. Did arsenal go on spending sprees during rebuilding did spurs of course not so wake up to real life

    • Chris, players can make decisions on the pitch themselves. If they r baffled & being made to look bad then they need to do things on the pitch there way. Saturday was down to them im afraid. Birmingham were a very poor outfit. They are the teams we need to be taking points off. Jones is going nowhere so planning for league 1 is now it…..

      • Alan yes the players let themselves down I agree brum are a poor side. But if you are very low on confidence an know you will savaged in private for not doing as you are told. Would you be willing to threaten your living

      • Alan another question to ponder. Did you see the article gj saying that the players he wanted we could not afford there wages. Well if you were 3rd or 4th choice at your club. Would you want to be playing so that you could be in window an be seen or playing with the under 23s. An also clubs often share wages so why don’t they want to come!!!

        • Chris im sure that if all u say is true then surely the board would hear of it & step in. If they are aware of it then they are not as loyal as they make out the are allowing it going on….

  • Players being bullied…im sure sheehan as club captain would sort that… talking about corners not beating the 1st man, not getting the ball forward when we put bradley up front, not being able to string three passes together…. that is not lack of confidence, its basics.

  • Alan i can only report what has been told to me. I wasn’t there. But word gets around. An if that’s the managers way then it’s one word against another. But contacts at other clubs say much the same about him. If you know any W. B. A fans ask them

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