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Views From The Bench – Cardiff City (a)

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As you can imagine, there were contrasting emotions from the two managers after the game.

One was, as you’d expect, absolutely delighted whilst the other could only mull over what might have been.

It doesn’t need a genius to work out which is which.

Talking to the media, and as reported by The BBC, Graeme Jones had this to say:

“We didn’t control the moment. We were slicing things and putting it out for throw-ins. That’s how they play. It’s not how we play. We played really well for 94 minutes and competed but the game is about 95.

“We made some rash decisions when we were fatigued. I am disappointed with the first goal because we had worked at that a lot.

“The only thing I asked the players to do was be themselves before the game. Overall, they were, it’s just the last minute of the game, we got punished.”

As we’re finding out, the margin for error is minimal as we climb through the leagues, sloppiness is punished and the pressure to attain that first victory grows.

As for Neil Warnock, he had this to say:

“I thought we showed a lot of character. We had five players making debuts and had nervous characters before the game but I thought we really grew into it.

“We needed a goal to dampen Luton’s enthusiasm and we had enough chances to make it comfortable.

“They took their chance in the second half and made it difficult for us, but credit to us, we didn’t sulk. Junior came on and delivered a great ball and it was nice to see Isaac come on and finish.”

No, it wasn’t! It was damn painful even more so considering the lateness of the goal and it came from an ex-Hatter.

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