Date: 14th January 2020 at 8:03am
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Walking into the opticians yesterday morning and then taking a seat in an already crowded waiting room, I noticed two elder gentlemen sat at the end of the row of seats.

One of the duo looked very resplendent in a Luton Town scarf and it wasn’t long before I picked up on the conversation they were having.

The gentlemen were talking about the home defeat inflicted upon the Hatters, by Birmingham City, on Saturday and in particular the performance of our record-signing, Simon Sluga.

Although tempted to add my own words of wisdom I opted to stay out of what was, I believed, a private conversation and, instead, chose to eves-drop.

The gentleman agreed that Sluga was at fault for the first Birmingham goal and should have done far better than he did but agreed that, what turned out to be the winning goal, was not his fault.

However, as I waited for my turn to be called, they also both agreed that James Shea would be the better option between the sticks, which, in turn, brought me right back to a poll I’d posted before the Birmingham game asking, if both were fit, which of Sluga or James would you give the green jersey to.

As it turns out, the poll agreed with the two elderly gentlemen with 65% of those who voted opting for Shea.

Now, if only Graeme Jones had listened!

Nottingham Forest v Luton Town?

Forest to Win!

Forest to Win!

Luton to Win!

Luton to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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14 Replies to “Two Elderly Gentlemen See Sense Over Hatters Goalkeeper Predicament”

  • Hi Mad H, as you have intimated previously quite modestly that you have some goalkeeping experience on your CV, would you agree with me in saying that the ‘slug’ Sluga was also at fault for Fulham’s equaliser palming the ball tamely to their scorer instead of pushing it away to his right & out of danger? It would be interesting to know how many points we have lost because of his errors… also potts overpaying cost us the second Brum goal & he has cost us at least three times too.. also Cornick missing sitters, seems to me a common theme here that like GJ some of our players just don’t seem to learn.

    • Palming it away! He had time to claim the ball cleanly and give it a quick polish, there was so little pressure on him! Cornick missing sitters just shows how clinical you HAVE to be at this level.

  • Any boss who omitted to doing a bad job should go, also saying the players lack confidence he as the boss should be building their confidence . Keep changing the team is not good, also why is he picking players who are not preforming. As a ex goal keeper our record signing is not up to it. He is making to many mistakes and I think he is finding it difficult living in the UK. Time for new management bring back big Mick until the end of the season.

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