Date: 31st July 2019 at 10:38am
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As we wait, excitedly, for the 2019 / 2020 season to begin, with the Hatters welcoming Middlesbrough, to Kenilworth Road, for the first fixture of the season, it’s fair to say that the squad that achieved back-to-back promotions, last time out, has undergone numerous changes.

For a start, we have a new manager, in Graeme Jones, of whom big things are expected but we’ve also said goodbye to Justin James and Jack Stacey, two key members of our promotion-winning squad, with both moving on to play Premier League football with Leicester City and Bournemouth respectively.

We’ve also bid farewell to Luke Gambin and Alan McCormack, both of whom left on free transfers.

In order to boost the squad, so that the Hatters can do more than just survive in the Championship, the Hatters have brought in six fresh faces, in the form of:

• Simon Sluga (goalkeeper)
• Ryan Tunnicliffe (midfielder)
• Jacob Butterfield (midfielder)
• Callum McManaman (winger)
• Martin Cranie (centre-back)
• Brendan Galloway (left-back)

As well as, eventually, acquiring, after he’d left the club, the services of Kazenga LuaLua.

According to the web site, Luton have received, approximately, £11.15 million in transfer fees and spent just £1.53 million, although that fee is a new club record for purchasing a player.

But, dipping into the wonderful world of social media, I stumbled upon this tweet:

Clearly from a supporter who feels that there is more to do when it comes to strengthening the current Hatters squad.

But and here is the crux of the article, how do you feel about the transfer business conducted by Luton Town this season?

Does it get you full approval, or do you have certain reservations about the quality of our signings?

Please feel free to express your views in the comment facility beneath this article and we’ll see what your response is before developing this article into something more structured.

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11 Replies to “Time For You To Have Your Say On Luton’s Summer Transfer Dealings”

  • I can’t say I’m totally enamored by the signings but let’s see what happens when we get going. I have been critised on here for my doubts about the manager. But I have been told by people in know some negative things about him. Also his tactics for this season so far from the Norwich game don’t inspire. And why a new keeper what does say about the rest. So if we could finish around 15th I would say he was a success

  • There is one thing we all agreed on after the euphoria of winning promotion that all the players deserved a chance to play in the Championship as they earned the right to do so . The concerns were always going to be who was going to leave rather than who was coming in.

    I am surprised that more of our key players have not been snapped up so I think the club have done a fantastic job of retaining most of the key players. Regarding the departures I wish to remind you all that James Justin was not able to win a first team place until Dan Potts got injured, so Justin is a wonderful lad and he deserves the chance to play Premiership football next season. I actually thought this was good business by the club.

    I was more concerned with Jack Stacey leaving he will be harder to replace and the fee that we received was way under his true value.

    On the incoming transfers I think they all have the credentials and experience that we will need to help our existing group of players so my feelings are that we have actually strengthened the squad. I agree with general census that we still need a right back and some more power and pace up front and a loan deal for Vassell would also be good business.

    There has always been a minority of Luton fans who are never happy and have already written us off never mind the the manager or the new players. Lets be grateful and enjoy this roller coaster season and look forward with optimism and lets not forget it was only 5 years ago we were looking at a fixture list comprising of the likes of Eastleigh, Chorley Barrow .

    COYH .

    • Here we go again Mr kaylor. While I do agree with a lot of what you say though not about vassell. Why do you people continue to call us downers on the team. All we are doing is expressing our own opinions. If you had your way would we only be allowed to say great things about our club. This is after all only a forum an nothing we say can affect the players

      • Hi Chris.
        We are only commenting on the new recruits I have my own concerns bringing Gary Brabin back any where near the club is major worry.

        I also have concerns over our existing the likes of Pearson as like many of of our new signings he was released by an ex Championship club for not being good enough. Elliot Lee he was one my favorite players until he got injured so another player who has already failed at this level. Pelly Ruddock in my opinion is to slow for this level there are more concerns regarding our existing group of players.

        Most of our current squad is mad up of rejected players who were not good enough at a higher level so the unfortunately the same could be said for the new signings.At the end of the day we have very small budget and we a small club in a big pond.

        As far as managers we have never been able to attract a highly successfully or proven manager but have we always given a chance to a coach / wannabe manager and we have been lucky in the past Pleaty and Ray Harford and the other Jones guy.

        All for debate and at the end of the day only my opinion

  • Would be unfair to judge at this point but the loss of JJ and Stacey and the influx of freebie players of questionable quality is a concern. Lack of a replacement for Stacey is worrying. Jones was not my first choice of manager but he and the club are entitled to expect 100% support from the fans. Hope he proves doubters like me wrong and we have a successful season.

  • As per some of the previous posts, it is ridiculous to even consider criticising Graham Jones at this early stage of the season. He has barely got started yet, and let us not forget that Graham has worked with some wonderful players over the past years, Domestically and Internationally, yes albeit as an assistant coach. However let us not also forget that Nathan Jones was an assistant coach when Luton signed him, and he had not worked with as many players of the calibre that Graham has worked with. Nathan did a wonderful job at Luton, and there is no reason whatsoever that Graham cannot and will not be as much of a success or more that Nathan was during his period at Luton. Another Jones at the helm and I wish the team wonderful success this season and ongoing.

  • Hi John, again I agree a lot of what you said is true. Ij just get annoyed being called a downer. For like you saying things a lot of blinkered people don’t like. We all love our club an want a successful club. I think this is the best group of people to run the club in 2 decades

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