Date: 10th July 2019 at 7:34am
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After gaining back-to-back promotions, a feat that lifted the club from League Two to the Championship, we kind of hoped that such a dramatic rise through the divisions would see the Hatters squad stick together and see if they can push on, over the next 24-months, and take Luton Town Football Club into the Premier League.

But, in the space of a week or so, we’ve witnessed the departures of two players we hoped would be the mainstay of the first team for many a year.

Last week we bade farewell to hatters-favourite-leaves-luton-for-a-bigger-stage-but-theres-one-unanswered-question, James Justin with the Luton-born defender moving to the Premier League side, Leicester City.

On Monday we lost Jack Stacey with the defender opting to further his career with Bournemouth, of the Premier League.

Both players, we believe, have the ability to succeed in the top flight of English football.

Sadly, the Hatters are forced to operate in a financial climate hereby, if the deal is good, then a sale is usually made.

Here at Vital Luton Town, we estimate the sales of James and Stacey have brought in a cool £12 million.

Howeverr, we should emphasise that the loss of the duo has seriously weakened the squad, not something we wanted to see ahead of what is a monumental challenge, in the Championship, ahead of us.

We can only hope that the gaffer, Graeme Jones, has his eye on some replacements either via purchase or a move into the loan market.

But, with the players back in pre-season training, ahead of the new campaign, it does make you wonder who might be next heading for the Kenilworth Road exit!

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17 Replies to “These Are Worrying Times For Hatters Supporters.”

  • It’s not the players leaving that worries me. It’s the plans of the manager!!! I fear its relegation. What will the tactics be. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I don’t trust Jones.

    • You fear that Gary Sweet doesn’t know what he is doing,
      and his appointment, Jones plans his own demise –
      based on the evidence I’d say this is the most bonkers comment possible.


    • He is going to destroy our club, sweet only cares about money, we have worked extremely hard to get where we are and it seems like it is all going to be thrown away.

    • Give the guy a chance, we haven’t even started and you are being negative. I have been impressed with GJ so far and the players he has brought in. It’s not GJ fault the players want to move on for a lot more money and play in the premier league. Geez.

  • Let’s at least give him a chance. It’s fair to assume Graeme Jones had little influence in the sale of Justin and Stacey – the owners of the club are also businessmen.

  • Come on people we have had fantastic back to back seasons. The players that have left the club have moved to the highest level and we should wish them all the best with a big thank you attached. Club football outside of the top 6 in the Premiership has always been and always will be the way it works if you are good the cream rise to the top.

  • Give the manager a chance, for goodness sake!! The season hasn’t started yet.He is an experienced guy who knows what he is doing.Most players from the Championship would go to Premier clubs, if they had the chance.It is a reality of life, called ambition.

  • In recent years Luton have always been a selling club to survive and compete there’s always been a string off top players that have played for the club and always will be but what we as supporter,s must do is get behind the management of Luton and that includes the 2020 and enjoy the ups and downs of the season about to start can’t wait

  • OK Justin had to go could not refuse the offer by Everton and this was good business. However our star attacking wing back Stacey who provided so many assists as well as scoring goals to go for 4 million?( as quoted by papers) We then learn we have to pay Reading 1.2 million as part of that deal? As a business LTFC need to maximum its income whilst in the championship with only gates of 10,000 we supporters understand players wages are higher so needs must. However we have waited years for this opportunity of a potential new ground and to remain in the championship at the very least so we trust the directors and manager to ensure replacements are secured to ensure this happens. We hope the salaries of these newcomers fit with the rest of team as last seasons team should equally be rewarded for the effort and pleasure they gave to so many.

  • Slight correction to the last comment which I’m sure was an error not noticed but he went to Leicester. Two fine players indeed and two magical seasons to get us where we are today.
    We have , I believe, the best board ever at our club backed by some good investors. Gary Sweet is Luton through and through and along with Micky Harford has dragged us off the ground and made us proud, which as a Luton supporter for 60 years is a rare feat for sure.
    We have to meet obligations to our backers and understand that when great offers come we have to consider what’s best for our club overall.
    We have in Gary Sweet a very astute business man so put your trust in him! After all what vision to appoint Micky Harford When we were dumped by Jones. He chased down this new manager who I’m sure will have his work cut out so let’s get behind him and Gary. The future looks so bright! COYH!

  • Potts was keeping JJ out of the team and will continue the vital work of bombing down the wings which the diamond system relies up. He is also our most potent aerial threat when we have corners. The jury is out on Galloway as with all the new players but Jones comes across as someone who knows exactly what he wants and won’t suffer fools gladly. The board will rightly give him time and funds to shape his own team. As fans we need to be realistic about what can be achieved at this new level but with a full house every week and the old girl rocking no one will be relishing the idea of coming to the kenny with our passionate fans being our 12th man – COYH

  • Bit of a dumb headline to my mind.
    we have sold two players
    in previous promotion years we also sold players
    this is not news, nor new…
    we don’t have the turnover to pay premier league wages – plenty of Championship clubs do (having recently been up there) there are rules that govern this.

    The signings we have made look good – and 2020 know how to run our business, we have sold two cracking players – but have sold best players in the past as well. We have made better signings and better sales than almost any club I can think of…
    worried? Notts County fans are worried – and that’s where we could have been if it wasn’t for 2020
    Once we are in Power Court the turnover will rise and we can attract and retain better paid players – 3 years will pass so quickly – and the stadium will be effing brilliant…

    now is the time for optimism… and to make the absolute most out of the Kenny roar in this first season back in the Championship.
    Life is good!

  • I can’t believe what a negative article this is. Yes it’s hugely disappointing to lose both Stacey and JJ but back to back promotions always come at a cost of losing good players to some degree. It’s not uncommon for teams to lose players and then still do well. We obviously still need to recruit well at right back, this is crucial if we want to play the diamond again as the system relies on the full backs providing the width. The club financially are in good shape, especially with the recent sales and the extra tv money coming in. I fully back the board and Big Mick and co to find the right players. The last two seasons have been incredible times, in fact it’s been amazing since we’ve finally gotten out of the Conference bar a few dips. With the new stadium on the way and Newlands Park in the offing and the club being run by sensationally amazing people, the club is in a great place. Now is the time for optimism and to be positive. We don’t have deep pockets like many clubs in this league, Luton fans need to get real on this. The new signings so far IMO seem solid and bring Championship experience which is what we need. We can’t simply blow teams out the water with standout new signings like we used to be able to do. We need to be clever and sensible with who we sign and build a club that first of all can establish itself at this level before we can even think of anything else! Get behind the club and let’s be positive.

    • Absolutely agree Jonno.How can anyone say that Graeme Jones is not a good manager?Look at his experience.We are 8-1 to finish top 6, and 6-4 for top half.Seems that the bookies have more confidence in us, than the guy who wrote the article.

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