Date: 12th October 2019 at 11:54am
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A chance to have your say!

With one controversial subject matter already brought to the open forum, i-have-my-doubts-over-jones-tenure-as-the-luton-boss-how-about-you.

I thought as this second international break of the current season drives me nuts, I’d bring another interesting subject matter to the table, that of the reception Nathan Jones can expect when our paths cross again.

Now, of course, that does depend on whether Nathan is still in the Stoke City hot seat when Luton Town play their Championship fixtures against the club from the Potteries.

The first of these two games are scheduled for a Tuesday evening – 10th December 2019.

The fact that it is an evening fixture may very well reduce the numbers of Hatters fans that make the journey but we’re pretty sure those who do make the journey to the BET365 Stadium will make their voices heard.

Perhaps a better gauge of how the support will receive Nathan is when once again if he is still in charge when he brings his side to Kenilworth Road on Saturday 29th February 2020.

Getting to the crux of the article, when the Hatters encounter Nathan Jones will he get a rapturous reception, a lukewarm one of jeered to the high rafters?

Here at Vital Luton, we’d welcome your thoughts on what could be perceived to be a debatable subject matter, please feel free to drop them in the comment facility beneath this article.

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7 Replies to “The Prickly Subject Of How The Hatters Support Will React To Nathan Jones When Our Paths Cross Again”

  • nathon Jones came to stoke to further his )
    footballing skills in a higher division good luck nathan u will come good richard 1949 supporter

  • He done a wonderful job for Luton and left us in a good place!
    If anybody was offered triple their wages and bonuses they would swap their jobs tomorrow, so lets be thankful for what he did for this club.

  • His leaving had no detrimental affect on us thanks to the legend Mick Harford and Steve Rutter. The way things have turned out he may well be regretting his decision (but won’t admit it). He laid the foundations here and we should be thankful for that.

    Incidentally, I think Steve Rutter leaving in the Summer was a big blow. He did a great job last season, largely unnoticed and without recognition due to his low profile. Top man.

  • Firstly I I think N.jones is a good manager , but I won’t be welcoming him with open arms . I’m sick of hearing he was trebling his wages , firstly we all would like to be earning what he was on at Luton , every Luton fan would of understood if he left at end of season , we all knew big clubs were looking at him , so the big move & money was always coming for him so all those who say he had to go because of money is nonsense. He probably would of got a bigger club if he held on to end of season . These were his words , this is the biggest month in decades at Luton & then he left , it could of derailed our season but thanks to no 1 the players & Mick & coaching staff we came out on top, i certainly won’t be clapping him. Tony Wilson

  • It wasn’t him leaving that pissed me off it was the photo of him holding the manager of the month award in a Stoke top I’m not bothered wether he gets sacked or not he is history we move on

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