Date: 26th March 2020 at 12:01pm
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The lonely life of a self-isolating Luton fan continues at a snail’s pace.

In what is only the first week of a twelve-week self-isolation period, courtesy of an underlying illness, I’m no nearer to getting to grips of just how much my life has changed before this dreaded COVID-19 virus decimated our normal daily life.

I’m not sure who first used the saying – The Mind Can Play Terrible Games – but it is certainly true.

Last night, after falling asleep I had the most wonderful of dreams.

It started with a few beers in the local, then a trip to Kenilworth Road followed and I watched Luton win 3-0 against opposition I couldn’t quite make out and then it was back to the local pub for several more beers before finally finishing off with a Chinese in the local restaurant, all that was missing was a nice little love-in with a good looking bird!

But then I was awoken by a nudge in the ribs from er’indoors and reality hit home. Just how long will it be before I sample such delights again?

Will it be weeks, or will it be months?

Today is not much different to yesterday, I can see the sun shining outside, I waited anxiously for the postman to deliver precisely nothing and I’m waiting for that eagerly anticipated walk up the drive, ensuring I stay six feet from any passing pedestrians, this afternoon to get a bit of exercise.

What has life come to?

I never knew, over the years how many CD’s I’d accumulated. I’ve started going through them and there are some wonderful ones, tracks that provoke excellent memories and tracks that I still wonder what made me buy the, I guess I’m not alone in admitting that though when it comes to a CD collection.

This afternoon, my intention is to drag out a few of my old Luton programmes, hopefully, they’ll provide inspiration for a few Vital Luton Town articles.

Stay tuned for another installment tomorrow.

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