Date: 6th January 2020 at 6:14pm
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It’s been an interesting few days here on Vital Luton Town.

The participation of those who frequent the site has been most welcome.

Yes, the comments left may not have been in agreement with what the gist some of the articles have been based on, but some have.

But one thing in common is that we all hold our club close to our heart.

Today, I’d like to keep those communication channels busy by asking for your responses to a question we presented in a poll not that long ago.

The can-the-hatters-avoid-relegation-this-season I’m afraid to say, delivered a very damning verdict on the Hatters chances of staying up with 67%, as Private Fraser, in Dads Army was often heard to say, suggesting we’re doomed.

But a further 23% haven’t abandoned all hope and are firmly of the belief that the Hatters can defy the odds and retain their Championship status.

As for the remaining 10%, they opted for the undecided’ option, clearly not quite sure what fate has in store for us come May 2020.

But, carrying on with the theme, what would it take for the Hatters to stay up, aside from the obvious – a winning run?

Please feel free to air your views in the comment facility beneath this article.

Please remember this site is totally 100% unofficial and exists for you to have your say.

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5 Replies to “That All Important Question On Everyone’s Lips – Can Luton Town Stay Up This Season?”

  • Bring in Neil Warnock to the end of the season to allow time to assess manager for next season
    Also do not sell players without adequate replacements, the current full back position is a major concern and has greatly contributed to the present league position

    • Wouldn’t be a bad call at all…..went to game saturday & i think Daniels could well solve right back problem if given the chance. Big and strong and can put a foot in…

  • It has to be a confidence issue. We seem to play well and compete until we let a (soft) goal in and then 1 or 2 more follow too quickly. Hence the horrendous goal difference. Sometimes we play well and other times we are rubbish from the beginning so perhaps playing style needs to be standardised until we get comfortable with one system and then experiment. Lets hope our injuries list improves to. I think we will stay up … just. #COYH

  • Donald Trump is our only hope. If he starts a world war all the football will be abandoned for the rest of the season and all points nullified, Then we can start next season equal again from the start.

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