Date: 27th December 2013 at 12:22pm
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Still no news has filtered through on the extent of the leg injury suffered by Jonathan Smith at Barnet yesterday.

Hopefully, it`ll not be as bad as we fear but following the victory John Still was very concerned about his player, remarking to the media,

“He`s gone straight to hospital and we`re waiting to find out the situation as we speak.”

“We`ll have to wait and see what the diagnosis is with everything that`s happened with that and hope that it is as good as it`s possible to be, but we will have to wait and see.”

“I can`t give an update at the moment. We`ve got no information back as I speak.”

“So we are waiting to hear. But it`s the noise I think.”

Indeed the loud crack heard by those near the incident must have been a haunting experience and the horror of the injury seemed to affect the team in the second half with Still adding,

“And I`ve got to be honest, it was difficult for everyone I suppose and I`m going to be honest, it was difficult for me, because second half I found it really difficult.”

“It`s actually the first time it`s happened to me in that sort of vicinity of seeing it and the word I would use is I think it was horrific.”

“I don`t mean horrific by the offending player, just by hearing that noise was horrific.”

However, Still refused to blame Jon Nurse who was obviously distraught himself as to what had just happened, with Still further commenting,

“It was a late challenge, and you know what, I`m going to say this, Jon Nurse is one of my old players and there`s not a bad bone in Jon`s body”

“It was a late challenge, without any malice as far as I`m concerned, and I was right close to it. But it was a sending off because it was a late challenge.”

“But I`m not saying for one minute there was ever any intent in it, but it was a late challenge.”

It transpires that being in the vicinity of the challenge and seeing the horrific result affected the boss when it came to giving the half time team-talk with Still admitting to the local media,

“As I said, it was difficult dressing room at half time, it was difficult for me to focus, and I`m sure it must have been very difficult for the players to focus, because that`s one of their team-mates.

“I`m actually surprised at myself that it affected me like it did if I`m honest, but it did.”

I think it affected us all, the terraces were slightly subdued, to put it mildly, after the incident and the injury has put a dampener on the victory.