Date: 13th January 2020 at 3:11pm
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A week has passed since I last put pen-to-paper.

Unfortunately, proper work intervened as the necessity to do twelve-hour shifts negated any chance of airing my thoughts.

But what has changed in the last week?

Well, not a lot if you are looking for something positive.

In fact, one week on the Hatters look to be in more dire straits than before.

Another defeat, meaning the Hatters have collected just one point out of the last twenty-one available, this time against Birmingham City has left the Hatters firmly rooted to the foot of the Championship table.

Luton’s form is, to put it bluntly, woeful.

Birmingham City arrived at Kenilworth Road win-less in their last six games, surely a game you’d hope Luton could take something from, but no, another defeat and another nail in our hopes of survival in the Championship.

At the bottom there is a group of four clubs trying to avoid the drop, a gap is opening up between those four and the club lying fifth, Huddersfield Town.

The Hatters are seven points adrift of Huddersfield it doesn’t seem that much until you accept it is a third of the twenty-one points’ we’ve actually obtained this season.

But, could there be a change in the winds?

On Saturday, after another dreadful performance, there was a sense of rebellion in the air, with the manager, Graeme Jones, getting booed.

Furthermore, the gaffer hardly endeared himself to the Hatters support when, speaking to the media afterwards, and as quoted by The BBC remarked:

“At the minute, I’m not doing a good job, the players aren’t doing a good job, you have to hold your hands up.”

Finally, the mist appears to be clearing and the realisation is hitting home that he isn’t the man for the job.

Continuing, Jones further added:

“I never think about losing my job, all I think about is the solution. I had a question the other day about why do you change the team so much? Because I’m trying to find a solution.”

Some would call it panicking!

Finally, any lingering faith I may have had, evaporated with Jones further adding:

“I know what the problems are because I work hard to try and find solutions and today, me, the players have failed.”

It’s not just today, it’s most of the season!

Time for, as this site has said many-a-time, a change at the managerial helm.

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28 Replies to “Shock As The Hatters Boss Admits He’s Not Doing A Good Job”

    • I do agree and as far as the board goes, could they be getting a little side-tracked with all the development kerfuffle that’s been going on?

  • Hatter while we are no arsenal or spurs the same rules apply surely if you read Saturdays prog what the chairman says is right an proper an while I disagree about keeping faith with gj. So what would you see happen us go broke again or stay solvent till after the stadium an retail outlet give us a money stream.

    • Obviously stay solvent, build the complex and prosper but that’s years off, football won’t wait for anybody and it is just so frustrating knowing we could have done far better this season by employing somebody suited to the job.

      • Hi mad, it would appear to me that the board are not really fussed if we stay up or not. Surely any other club would look at 6 wins from 27 games & say enough is enough.

        • you’d hope so but perhaps the Newlands / Power court development is uppermost in their thoughts, commercial viability over-riding sporting achievement.

        • Alan i agree 100 percent. But we fans only care about our team. An results we want success we are impatient buggers. Lol let’s give the owners credit until now they have built success. So the mistake of gj.. Being employed is a lesson that I’m sure they will learn from

          • I was’nt expecting anything more than a relegation battle this season, it is the manner in which are losing thats doing me in. If we were bottom but putting up a fight i can accept that……

      • Yep but they have a very rich owner. An it is a very difficult situation. Plus they have wheeled an dealed very well year in an out

  • In fact the Brentford owner who owns a Danish club often “loans” a young talented Danish player to them or a goodish player he wants to “sell” as if they are playing in Britain they sell better!!!

      • Of course they do an that’s why parachute payments give clubs such an advantage. And why those who make the prem are able to bounce between the two an others get to play offs or are just championship clubs.

        • The words uneven playing field spring to mind but perhaps we should be grateful we finally did manage to climb back out of non-league footy.

  • Hi boys so much for Warnock coming, wishful thinking, we can’t afford to get players in so how can we afford to sack Jones let alone get Warnock in, if only, we are stuck with him for the long haul, it wouldn’t surprise me if the board give him a new contract, now that’s a depressing thought.

  • Hi Eddie, in reply to Warnock coming in, that’s one of the reasons why I previously mentioned big Mick coming in again on a caretaker basis because apart from knowing the players, club etc & doing a great job last season finishing with getting us into this league would I be right in saying he would also be a more viable proposition financially? We already know the club are strapped for cash anyway especially as mad hatter already stated the boards mind will also be on the new developments. I’m wondering if that’s why they haven’t sacked GJ because they can’t afford to pay for a proven manager at this level? Also Mick knows how to get the best out of the players & as nobody expects us to stay up now he wouldn’t be under the same pressure, which could in a reversed phycological kind of way maybe give us more chance of survival, but like some have already mentioned do the board really care anyway?

  • Hi Eddie an Al, I’ve just seen your posts an it is thought provoking. Now while I think Mike is a non starter an we know the reason why. Something I put on here last season before gj was appointed. Was promote an forgive me as I can’t pronounce his name the Spanish coach of Nathan’s who had come from Derby. To manager an Mike to director of football. Mike was at the training ground every day anyway. Sadly not so often now. Do you think continuity would have worked like I do?

    • Mick would, as we all know, do a wonderful job, but, I get the impression he stepped into the breach reluctantly last season and doesn’t enjoy the limelight.

  • Mad, exactly my point. Mike could have been in the background an the Spaniards the front man as coach or manager. I always felt continuaty was needed to carry the players into this season.

  • Just seen izzy brown has started training again. This is great news. But wny are fans calling for him to save our season yes we need good players back in the team. But how do they expect one man to save us. Do they live on another planet!!! It takes 11 players good tactics an a little luck. An at the moment we don’t have much of any of these

  • Chris izzy is a good player but i dont think he is a relegation fighter. Pretty player but not a battler. Good when he is on the ball but he wont go looking 4 it. Shame but true. Bit of a luxury when dont need at the mo im afraid…

    • Hi Alan I don’t disagree with you but we do need something in front of goal an he gives us that. As I said it’s a team not 1 player who will keep us up. So until gj goes we know what he will play him anyway. No matter our opinion of playing him or not. Gj thinks he walks on water lol

  • All down to opinion i guess.. apart from blackburn and charlton dont think he has shown much…hopefully he can prove me wrong…

  • 60+ goals conceded and couldn’t keep a clean sheet in a laundry! Jones should have been sacked months ago, his situation is surely untenable now and let’s hope he’s gone very soon!
    He hasn’t got a Scooby Doo and we are heading for a championship record of conceading 100 goals!


  • Im afraid they aint gonna sack him. Totally agree with you but he is here for a while yet…if they had any thought of sacking him he would have been gone by now..

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