Runstrom comments bogus

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On loan Fulham starlet Bjorn Runstrom has denied comments attributed to him on a website, which were picked up by the Sun newspaper.

He told

‘I was shocked and upset to see the quotes that were attributed to me in The Sun newspaper.

‘I have a website run by a fan in Sweden, which I am regularly interviewed for, but the words that appeared on the site were not mine and I immediately made sure that they were removed. Unfortunately it was not before they had been seen by a journalist who printed them without clarification from me.

‘I have only started playing in this country this season and I have a huge amount of respect for everyone involved in the game over here.

‘I came to Luton to play football and to gain invaluable experience playing alongside some good players, and for them to think I would refer to them with such disrespect is deeply distressing.

‘I hope that I can return to Luton with good feelings from the Manager, players and fans, and I hope that in the short time they have known me, they would believe that this is a cruel practical joke played by someone, as it would never be something that I would say.’

This is one of those did he or didn’t he situations, and we will probably never know for sure whether he said it then reacted to the bad press, or never said it in the first place.

I guess we’ll have to give him the benefit of the doubt, in which case I withdraw my comment about throwing him out and apologise for calling him a turnip, a vegetable which should have been left where it was descibing a famous ex-scummer! 😉

Runstrom said on the same website that he is grateful for the opportunity Luton gave him and is looking forward to returning at Burnley to try to help get the Hatters out of the relegation situation.

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