Date: 13th February 2020 at 1:31pm
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With the Power Court development moving ever nearer, the future of Luton Town Football Club looks to be more secure than ever.

For decades there has been talk of a new ground, but pessimism was always what greeted such talk, I mean who remembers the much talked about Kohler Dome?

But that new ground will, thanks to the current board, become a reality and will breathe fresh life into our famous club.

I, for one, can’t wait until the first signs of the development rise from the ground and put a fresh outlook on the Luton landscape.

However, the Vital Luton Town member, Chris Winter, has a few things he’d like the readership to debate.

Firstly, what are we going to call the stadium?

Secondly, will the Hatters support have a say in what stand is developed as the ‘home’ end.

Thirdly, which former players’ names should the stands be given?

Leading the way and sticking his head above the parapet, Chris reckons Power Court should be christened ‘The 2020 Stadium’ and as for the stands, he suggests they be named after David Preece, John Moore, Mick Harford and Malcolm MacDonald.

But what are your thoughts on the subject matter?

Please feel free to use our comment facility to express your views.

Middlesbrough v Luton Town?

Middlesbrough to win!

Middlesbrough to win!

Luton Town to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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18 Replies to “Questions We Want Answered Regarding Luton Town’s New Stadium”

  • Hi gang…agree with some of the names…not sure about macdonald tho, was obviously a star player, but not such a legend as others mentioned. Maybe preece, moore, harford and payne…

  • Hi Alan, but do you feel the fans should have a say about at least which end they want to be at as we pay for season tickets. Also assuming the owners don’t sell the naming rights help naming the stadium?

      • The ground should be called Power court as it sounds a bit imposing or New Kenilworth rd, icons of the club should have stands named after them, Harford, Stein, Moore, Hill, Pleat maybe, but no selling out naming rights, so it’s the Emirates or some such sell out name, we’re better than that..

        • Hi big d, I agree with you that we shouldn’t sell the naming rights. But I fear in this day an age that is unlikely. But one thing you can be sure of is it won’t be to a betting company so no bet365 stadium

  • Firstly, what are we going to call the stadium?

    Whoever pays the most for naming rights

    Secondly, will the Hatters support have a say in what stand is developed as the ‘home’ end.

    The Stand closest to the airport station will be the away end, all other areas home.

    Thirdly, which former players’ names should the stands be given?

    no idea, I’m sure there will be a chance for fans to have their say when its built.

  • Hi folks, liking the 2020 stadium a lot Chris. Also as for stands they are all great names. My four would be:

    Mick Harford
    John Moore
    Joe Payne
    Bruce Rioch

    But I would be happy with everyone else’s too, all great players. As for home end as Alan says it would be nice if the board let’s the fans have a say.

  • Might just be me that thinks thinks this but I think John Still should have a stand, he started off this whole cycle.

  • For me our greatest goal scorer of all time has to be one stands name Gordon Turner. Prolific and died of motor neurone disease at 46! Definitely Mick Harford for another. Ron Baynham for another and lastly David Preece. Their are many other hero’s who could have suites named after them but all these players gave outstanding loyalty to our club. The name , why The new Kenny of course!

  • Come on we can be more inventive than this… can’t we?

    How about The Ricky ‘Hill’ or The Lea ‘Bank’ for the home end?

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