Date: 15th March 2020 at 11:51am
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The decision, made by the EFL, to postpone games until at least 03-April could have serious ramifications.

With the COVID-19 virus impacting upon our everyday life, there’s no guarantee that the season will recommence around the aforementioned date.

Already, we’ve become aware that the panic the virus has brought has impacted upon the airline business with flights cancelled, airlines teetering on the brink of financial ruin and countries going into lock down.

At a time like this, cash is paramount and with the EFL having been postponed, income through the turnstiles will be zilch until football is resumed.

But even when it does resume, there’s no guarantee that spectators will be admitted, the 2019 / 2020 season could go down in history as the season that was finished behind closed doors.

The financial implications are something that the Hatters CEO, Gary Sweet, is well aware of and the local media, in the shape of Luton Today carries the following remarks attributed to Gary Sweet:

“Every club will have an absolutely huge dent it its cash flows during that period of time and a lot of clubs are suffering, however you look at it.

“We are going to be dealing with, along with a lot of other businesses I should say, dealing with financial difficulty.

“We are going to be dealing with a really difficult financial period over the coming months regardless of what the situation is.

“We do not have an option just to play games as usual, we don’t have that now.”

Which leads me on to a very important question, should measures be put into place to assist those clubs who could well be about to suffer severe consequences finally?

Now if the answer is yes, you’d have to ponder over where the money could come from.

Would the government, as they have done so to other businesses affected by the virus, contribute or would those steeped in cash at the Premier League be willing to put their hands in their pockets?

If not, I fear the 2019 / 2020 season could go down in the history books as the season it wasn’t only Bury FC that went out of business.

Your views on the above subject matter would be most appreciated.

In The Light Of The Financial Predicament COVID-19 Has Brought Should EFL Clubs Be Offered Assistance?

Yes, by the Government!

Yes, by the Government!

Yes by the Premier League!

Yes by the Premier League!



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