Date: 9th February 2021 at 10:03am
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As the editor of this site, one common theme that often crops up following a poor performance is that of team selection.

Now I reckon every football fan fancies themselves as something of a manager, every football fan has their own opinion on the starting eleven selection and who should start and who should not.

I even reckon the majority also know what formation they would field.

Therefore, with a crucial Championship game, against Birmingham City, coming up this weekend, a game I feel we must get something from, even a point would suffice for me, it will be interesting to see what starting eleven Nathan Jones selects.

After having a transfer window most of us thought was excellent – luton-take-a-bow – many of our readers expressed a disappointment that none of Naismith, Ince or Adebayo started.

But, having had a full week to further acclimatise themselves with life at Kenilworth Road and get those fitness levels up, could any of them start this weekend?

Now, the above text has led me on perfectly to the crux of this article.

I am not sure how it is going to pan out, but I am hoping for your participation.

I simply want you to drop into the comment facility, beneath this article, the starting XI you would opt for.

Fingers crossed we have an uptake on this and that it leads to a civilised debate and come the weekend we can see how close they came to the actual team selected by Nathan Jones.

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23 Replies to “Luton – You Are In The Managerial Hot Seat”

  • Hi all, no pelly…he has been outstanding past couple of weeks. I would swap him for rea, who seems off it a bit recently. ..

  • Sluga




    442 diamond and see what happens

  • If all fit 3-5-2







    See what Adebayo can do and what Coll might achieve with another striker.

    Naismith has played badly in every position he’s been given so far. He’s shown no pace, and no desire to close down defensively and hasn’t added much going forward either. Having him on the bench will be a temptation Jones can’t avoid which could mean failing to put on someone who could really grab the game by the scruff if needed. Naismith’s time will come. But he needs to settle in first.

  • (3-1-4-2)

    Pearson, Lockyer, Bradley,
    Cornick, Morrell, Dewsbury-Hall, Ince
    Collins. Adebayo

    (sub)Shea, Crainie, Potts, Clark, Moncur, Berry, Lualua etc…

    Pelly would be in a taxi… sat next to Hilton, Nombe & Rea

  • Theres no mention of Bree / Kioso i feel that the big man little up front would work for us Collo / Adebeyo
    And try two wingers lua lua / Ince / cornick / moncur and even Kioso

  • Mh, what is your opinion on pelly ? As far as I can remember many on here were worried about him leaving in the transfer window….I’m I the only one who has noticed his contribution in the past few games ? I personally cant wait to see him with DH and Ince playing together…..

    • I like him, he has a sense of being a midfield powerhouse but also with a little finesse, his one fault is losing the ball too many times but it should never be forgotten how loyal he has been and he’s served us well as we’ve climbed through the leagues.

  • Sluga Bree Bradley Lockyer Potts Ince D.H Pelly Moncur Cornick Adebayo

    Pelly and Cornick were excellent on Saturday. No sense signing a 10 goal centre forward and not playing him
    when Collins just isn’t putting chances away as he has in previous seasons.

  • You either like Pelly or don’t like him. The evidence is clear – I have watched every game this season and there is no doubt his ball control is poor and he loses the ball too many times. Has he ever made team of the week? No. Has he ever played for a National Team? No. Look at George Moncurs record in comparison. Football is a business and I don’t care what a servant he has been or what he does in the dressing room it’s what he does on the pitch that’s important. I would like to see him converted to a striker where it does not matter so much if he loses the ball. As NJ said there were no bids for any players in the window. That was just his agent talking him up. He will be off to a league 1 team in the summer.

  • In pellys defence, yes you either love him or not, but rea loses the ball more often than not DH loses the ball, in fact most of the players do…..against Chelsea Pell showed he can mix it. On sat he started the move for the goal and set potts up for sitter….just think its harsh to call any of the players awful in a difficult league….and by the way, although there were no bids, clubs have been looking at Pell and others, not agents bugging anyone up, believe me….

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