Luton – Who Is Your Choice?

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There is no doubt that the Championship play-off semi-finals have served their purpose.

We have been treated to four wonderfully entertaining games involving Luton Town, Huddersfield Town, Sheffield United and Nottingham Forest.

Sadly, we cannot all be winners and it is Huddersfield Town and Nottingham Forest that will descend upon Wembley to participate in a game often described as one with the richest reward in sport.

But although there, from the semi-finals, can only be two winners both Luton Town and Sheffield United can take heart from the terrific performances they gave, and both can look forward to next season with hopes they can go one better.

I for one am looking forward to the final, at Wembley, on the Bank Holiday weekend with a capacity, vociferous full house cheering their sides on.

But who do you believe will emerge winners and get promoted to the Premier League, a division awash with money?

Play-Off Final - Nottingham Forest v Huddersfield Town

Nottingham Forest to Win!

Nottingham Forest to Win!

Huddersfield Town to Win!

Huddersfield Town to Win!

Personally, I am hoping that Nottingham Forest make a triumphant return to the Premier League, but who is you preference?


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  • hatter75 says:

    Morning MH i want Huddersfield Fc to be promoted as finishing third they earned the right. We can then say we were beaten by the best team in the play-offs.

    Next season we then have the chance to play and defeat Forest Fc to make up for games lost in the past.. How about Luton versus Forest in the 2023 pay off final?

    Finally how proud am I and and many other true and loyal supporters of what the Hatters have achieved this year. Two new strikers a scoring midfielder and possibly one new defender and we can still achieve the dream.


  • jimbo says:

    i said a few months ago that huddersfield would finish third, and i will stick with them to win. i think the luton game gave them the kick up the arse they needed. would like to see matty pearson play, he has done a great job for them. forest looked tired to me, but they still a good team. on the plus side, our friends at watford are back where they beong. every cloud has a silver lining. COYH.

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