Luton – Two Words Sum Up Fans Frustrations

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Earlier today, reflecting on what I consider to be two points lost, rather than a point won, against Huddersfield Town, I asked a question I thought would have been out of the equation this season.

The question:

Could Luton Be Relegated?







followed an article that tackled the same subject matter – luton-are-we-in-danger-is-the-question.

It would really be heart-breaking if Luton were to suffer relegation but it is something that has featured heavily on social media following the final whistle yesterday, something the following posts illustrate perfectly:

Slowly creeping down the league table.

— Dan Caley (@dmcaley) February 6, 2021

In the above comment the #SleepwalkingTowardsRelegation has a certain irony about it because that is precisely what could happen.

But another bone of contention amongst those that dabble in social media was that of the lateness of the substitutions Nathan Jones made.

After boosting his attacking options, in the January transfer window, the support appears critical of the gaffer, as the following show:

The last one echoes my thoughts precisely.

But rather than finish on a tide of negativity, I thought I would end with this post that has an air of positivity about it that I can only admire:


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