Date: 14th July 2020 at 6:46pm
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Three games to go, three games for the Hatters to ensure their stay in the Championship isn’t remembered as a one-season wonder.

With no room for error, Nathan Jones will be hoping his side can replicate the form they showed away to Huddersfield, in their last game, as opposed to the shambles we witnessed against Reading.

With the Hatters in such a precarious position, there is no margin for error, one mistake could be all it needs for relegation to become a reality.

However, in the opposite scenario, now is the time for a hero to step forward, somebody to write their name in the Luton Town history books.

Are there any candidates willing to fulfil the criteria?

With the game being played behind-closed-doors, the Luton support will be glued to their computer screens and following the match tonight.

The kick-off is fast approaching and we are now able to bring you the team-sheets:

Starting with the Hatters:

Continuing with Queens Park Rangers:

Please let it be smiles all round, as far as the Hatters fans are concerned, come the sound of the final whistle.


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21 Replies to “Luton Town v QPR Team-Sheets Revealed”

  • Hi all, that was a letdown poor finishing. We had the chances to put the game to bed. I hope those dropped points don’t prove costly

  • Hi chris think the home form will be our downfall….Saturdays has to be all out attack now as a draw is no good to either team….

  • Hi guys, yes it looks like our home form will be our downfall. But as I discussed with mh at the restart football has not been the same since no fans. And you can now see how important fans are to the game. Teams are playing a different game now to anyone who watches regularly. Wouldn’t you agree

    • Hi Alan, I seems to me that teams have no impertus. They are happy to sit back an wait for the opposition to make a mistake an give the ball away. Before counterattacking. No real passion or appitite maybe they just want to get the season over. Let’s hope fans are allowed back soon as personally I get no pleasure watching TV games now.

  • Hi all, agree with chris, no atmosphere makes for a strange game. Had the crowds been there I believe we would have beaten Barnsley & QPR…let’s get this season done and whatever league we are in let the crowds back for next season. Everyone wear a mask and let us in…

  • Hi Alan, I couldn’t agree more. Without fans to urge teams on. Its as if the game has gone sterile. Get the fans back asap

  • Hi all, well here we are it’s make or break time. But no matter what happens today. I blame this whole sorry mess at the feet of 1 man. I make no apology for saying yet again I warned what would happen before the season started. The board got it wrong but re employing nj at least put some fight back in the team. Coyh

  • Hi all, well its on can nj emulate god dp an do it on the last day of the season. He made the right decision on when to make the subs this time or did he listen to mh. Who cares lol its game on for next week. If my heart can take it. Coyh

  • Hi chris, master stroke whoever’s made the call. Best attacking 45 since we’ve come back….just win on wed and hope leeds aren’t to hung over against Charlton….

    • Hi Alan, don’t think that will happen. Now hull know what is is to be owned by a bunch of cowboys. Been there done that eh!!

  • Hi all, so as the table stands if we win on Wednesday. The 3 teams we can climb above are all away so we only need 1 to lose to be safe hmm anyone like me worried cos of our home form. I think I would rather be away lol

    • Hi all, feel the same as chris, would rather be away, but the trend had to break soon, so wed will do nicely…

  • Hi all, well I said the F.A would screw us over an I hear that both Wigan an sheff weds points deduction will not be implemented till next season. I told you it would happen two weeks ago. They hate us

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