Luton Town – The Great Striker Debate Begins Here

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It is time for, what I perceive, to be the last of our great debates, in our recent mini-series.

After already covering – Goalkeepers and Centre-Backs, Full Backs and Midfielders, it is now time to look at the raft of strikers that have worn our colours.

As usual, I have produced a prompt list, but by all means it is not conclusive, please feel free to include any of your own favourites that I may not have included.

• Elijah Adebayo
• John Aston
• Viv Busby
• Barry Butlin
• Ron Davies
• Iain Dowie
• Lars Elstrup
• Ron Futcher
• David Geddis
• Don Givens
• Andre Gray
• Phil Gray
• Vic Halom
• Mick Harford
• John Hartson
• Bob Hatton
• Malcolm MacDonald
• Chris Martin
• Carlton Morris
• Mike Newell
• Joe Payne
• Jimmy Ryan
• Tony Thorpe
• Gordon Turner
• Brian Stein
• Paul Walsh

All I ask is that, after a moment of consideration, you drop the names of your favourite FIVE strikers into the comment facility beneath this article and, once again, we’ll see where it leads us.


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  • Terry Emm says:

    In alphabetical order my five favourite strikers are ;

    Andre Gray, Mick Harford, Malcom MacDonald, Carlton Morris, Paul Walsh.

  • Chris winter says:

    Joe Payne Ron Davies supermac for me.

  • Kenny Ames says:

    Brian Stein
    Paul Walsh
    Lars Elstrup
    Steve Howard
    Tony Thorpe

  • Rupert says:


  • John Owen says:

    Malcolm McDonald
    Gordon Turner
    Mick Hartford
    Brian Stein
    Paul Walsh

    Joe McBride? ££30,000 from Celtic back in the day not on list.

  • Phil says:

    Walsh, Stein, Harford, MacDonald, Turner, in no particular order and not including those who only stayed for one season 🙂

  • John Harley says:

    John O’Rourke
    Adrian Alston
    Keith Allen
    Brian Lewis
    Ian Buxton
    David Moss

    Too many to choose five from !

  • roy stratton says:

    mc donald.John O’Rourke,Gordon Turner,Andre Gray,and Gordon Turner.

  • Jon says:

    Lars Elstrup
    Mick Harford
    Steve Howard
    Andre Gray
    Brian Stein

    Special mention for Ian Benjamin for scoring a diving header again Watford.

  • Steven Herman says:

    Mick Harford
    M MacDonald
    Brian Stein
    Steve Howard
    John Aston

  • Alan says:

    No danny hylton or Jimmy husband on the list then……

  • Roger Eade says:

    Gordon Turner
    Malcolm Macdonald
    Mick Harford
    Brian Stein
    Phil Gray

    Would include Joe Payne but like most of us never saw him play

  • John Ellingham says:

    Malcolm MacDonald, Gordon Turner, Paul Walsh, Brian Stein, Mick Harford

  • Dave says:

    Gordon Turner
    Malcolm McDonald
    Brian Stein
    Mick Harford
    Lars Elstrup

  • Michael Roach says:

    Malcolm McDonald
    Mick Hartford
    Don Gives
    Brian Lewis
    Brian Stein

  • John Sutherland says:

    Harford #1 for me all day long. Surprised not to see Steve Howard – yes it was at a lower level but he was exceptional.
    Mossy, not only because he was a great winger when they played on mud for most of the season, but also because I delivered the Evening Post to him and he was a great tipper.
    Stein #3 and Walsh #4.
    I’m hoping Adebayo could become a top 5. After a tricky start in the Prem he came alive before injury. Let’s see what the next season brings.

  • Martin Walker says:

    Adrian Alston always liked him but top 5 Turner , Harford, Stein, Elstrup, Howard

  • Mike says:

    Turner, Stein,Hartford,Davies,McDonald

  • Phillip Bassill says:

    Ron Davies, Mick Harford, Malcolm MacDonald, David Moss, Gordon Turner.

  • Alan says:

    Macdonald, Hatton, Harford, Howard, Hylton. Closely followed by about 20 other’s

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