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So, promotion this time around was not meant to be despite one huge gallant effort from everyone involved with Luton Town FC.

Last night, up at the John Smiths Stadium, an injury hit Hatters side gave their all and were by far the better of the two teams.

It looked, especially in the first half, as if it would be only a matter of time before Luton scored, but as the game wore on, you just got that unnerving feeling that it was not going to be and when Huddersfield scored, through Jordan Rhodes, it felt like a dagger had been plunged through our hearts.

Of course, I am disappointed, hugely so, but the pride I have in my club is far greater than that disappointment.

On another night we could have 3 or 4 goals up before Rhodes scored but that is, I’m afraid, football.

But we should look at the bigger picture, back in August, who would have believed that little old Luton, on one of the smallest budgets in THE Championship, would get so close to gate-crashing the big time.

Yes, we were looking for an improvement on the 12th place we finished in the previous year, and I would say we done that quite spectacularly, we exceeded all expectations, we have every right, with the season now over, to hold our heads high.

Next season brings a new challenge, a chance to push on, a chance to take on our neighbours from down the road but, more importantly, the chance to push on and who knows what 2022/2023 will bring.


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  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh, I echo everything you’ve said. But have to wonder what could have been if injuries had not decimated the team. As for next season I see us slipping back a little unless certain issues are addressed. Number 1 we must find another 15 to 20 a season striker adebayo when out of the team shows how we struggle to score more than 1 goal. For me the cabin boy is not good enough dump him. Can anyone explain the gomes situation to me as I’m baffled. Little game time given to him yet he shows glimpses of his capabilities running at defenders. Cornick blows hot an cold in front of goal. Left back needed good going forward struggles defending our present 1.another midfielder like Campbell Clark Berry good enough when fit dump lansbury. Keep snoddy. Keepers needed Ingram not for me.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      I’m hoping to cover the anticipated squad revamp in a series of articles later this month and in June, but like you say, we can only wonder ‘what if’ we had a fully fit squad

      • Chris winter says:

        Sadly as I have said we should have been 4 goals up at half time. But without adebayo we didn’t capitalise on our chances.

        • Mad Hatter says:

          we should, like you say we need another 15 goal a season striker, possibly a young one on loan from a Premier League club!

  • jimbo says:

    why dont you guys want one of our young players to be given a chance in this team. i dont understand why we bother to have so many players of different ages, but never use any of them. i to would love a top striker, but they are expensive. as for loan players how can you build a team then lose them when they are recalled, its like having a mortgage but lose your house at the end. please lets use some youngsters. as for the pitch invasion, i cant see the problem. when fans get excited they want to expess there joy, with the players. its what happens. do you want the fans to gently applaud then go home. get real.COYH

    • Mad Hatter says:

      not sure why anyone is complaining about the pitch invasion, didn’t we cross the line against York some years back?

  • Alan says:

    Think it was the players and staff safety that was the main concern over the invasion. A sensible ref would have ended the game near the tunnel, not on the far side. Bell was taking a throw in and the linesman was in the centre circle before the ref blew….

    • Mad Hatter says:

      never forget the invasion at Maine Road all those years ago, Ricky Hill standing his ground in front of a group of Man City supporters

  • Ray says:

    All in all a great season. Last night most accomplished game of the season. It was great to see them using the short ball occasionally thro the midfield. Mixed it well with the long ball. Agree Ingram not good enough. As Jimbo said use our young players, give them a chance to show why they were brought to the club.
    With a few good additions we will hopefully be even better next season

  • Tony Byfield says:

    What a great performance, first half reminiscent of Pleat’s teams, but we really missed Elijah. Jimmy Greaves said “The object of the game is to put the ball in the onion bag!” No goals = no win.
    Fantastic season congrats to everyone involved.

  • Dave Roberts says:

    I agree about our youngsters. it seems we have been afraid to blood them for the last 15 years or more ! only Justin & Howells come through in that time. Give Elliot Thorpe & Mendes Gomes & Pereira & Neufville chances too.

    Hylts is past it, rather a hungry youngster than aging Jerome.

    I am sad Elliot Lee wasnt given a chance in the Championship !

    Since progression & promotion have been so pushed ,it seems blooding them has suffered.

    • Chris winter says:

      Got to agree with jimbo an all the other posters. Why are painter addy perriera neufville mcjannet an the like not being looked on as our future by management. Beats me 🤔

  • Jonathan says:

    I agree about youngsters.

    Alex Ferguson stuck his neck out with the class of 92, but that comraderie among them brought their best team for Decades ! even now they are close being owners of Salford city

  • Roby says:

    Yes united almost got relegated in Fergies first year of blooding youth, but look what happened after that !

  • Chris winter says:

    Have talked to people at last night’s game apparently there were 50 to 80 Leeds fans in the Huddersfield fans and led the invasion.!!

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