Luton Town – At The Beck And Call Of The Live TV Coverage

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Does anyone recall a recent poll I posted, a poll that related to the traditional kick-off time of 15:00 hours on a Saturday?

In the poll I asked you to select from three options, each option offering a quantity of games that, next season, you believe will remain as a traditional 15:00 hours on a Saturday kick-off.

Although the poll will remain active, it seems that 61% of you are of the opinion that between 13 and 28 of our 46 EFL Championship games will kick-off at the aforementioned 15:00 hours on a Saturday.

With the first band of Sky Live televised games announced, I’ve done a quick analysis.

Taking a look at our first seven games, which span the period August to Spetember, as shown below:

Luton Town v Burnley – Kick-Off 20:00 hours (Friday)
• Portsmouth v Luton Town – Kick-Off 12:30 hours (Saturday)
• Preston North End v Luton Town -Kick-Off 15:00 hours (Saturday)
Luton Town v Queens Park Rangers – Kick-Off 20:00 hours (Friday)
• Millwall v Luton Town – Kick-Off 12:30 hours (Saturday)
Luton Town v Sheffield Wednesday – Kick-Off 15:00 hours (Saturday)
• Plymouth Argyle v Luton Town – Kick-Off 20:00 hours (Friday)

You can see that out of the 7 games just TWO are still scheduled for a 15:00 hours kick-off on a Saturday.

Indeed, it makes you ponder over the Sky Sports selection policy!

Just how many Luton Town supporters will embark on an epic 518 mile round trip on a Friday or instead opt to watch the action from down the pub?

Also, you have to feel sorry for the Portsmouth support expected to make a 98 mile trip, to arrive in Luton, for a 12:30 kick-off, although that is nowhere near as bad as our aforementioned trip to Plymouth.

Lastly, the Burnley support faces a similar dilemma as us when it comes to a night fixture, this time on a Monday, but their travel distance is a mere 410 mile round trip.

Utter madness is it not, and not a care in the world for those die-hards who attend every game, home and away!


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  • dennis says:


    Bristol City follower here,after the final Championship table was announced, I wrote to the EFL requesting that our games against Middlesbrough and Sunderland be played on a Saturday.What did we end up with Sunderland home and away on a Tuesday night.

  • Jimmy G says:

    Is like to read your content but there’s too many ads it’s impossible to.

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