Luton Town – Another Episode Of The Great FA Cup Debate

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The FA Cup is approaching the stage where even the big boys consider playing their strongest XI with Wembley firmly in sight.

For our sins, after a magnificent win away to Everton, at Goodison, in the previous round, we’ve been awarded a home tie against a Manchester City side closing in on a multitude of trophies.

Now, in my younger days, the tie would have been firmly entrenched in its traditional 15:00 hours Saturday kick-off.

But, in modern times, the evolution of the game, mainly due to the wishes of television, has seen the fixtures spread over the weekend, with fixtures being played on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

However, for some strange reason the fifth-round ties now take place in midweek, with the Hatters entertaining Manchester City on a Tuesday evening.

Now, I’ll readily admit it is not a move I’m in favour of, it does not take into account the logistics of the supporters, especially the away support.

Who knows what time the travelling Manchester City supporters will get their heads down after the late kick-off and a long journey back up the motorways, avoiding the roadworks that invariably appear once darkness descends.

I’d also question if those in authority see it as a viable move, why is it only the 5th round ties that get messed around like this?

Sometime in the future could we see the actual FA Cup Final take place in midweek, to appease those who run our media businesses?

Now I know my little voice will have no effect on what the FA chooses to do, but what are your views on the subject matter?

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Should FA Cup Ties Be Played Over The Weekend?





Not Fussed!

Not Fussed!

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