Luton tirade by Runstrom

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Luton defender Sol Davis came to the defence of his team mates after loan striker Bjorn Runstrom allegedly showed contempt for the club and its players recently.

Davis was reported in the Sun as having said that Runstrom is ‘spineless’ and a ‘maggot of a man’.

Harsh but fair Sol man!

The former Swedish U21 International, on loan from Fulham, is also alleged to have said that the coaching staff were ‘clowns’.

On Warren Feeney, Runstrom’s observations were reported as being that he is ‘totally free of skills’, and ‘He’s completely harmless. He’s scored one goal in, like, 30 games. And that was when the defenders were out to get their hot dogs!’

The Sol man, 27, responded in the same newspaper: ‘Runstrom is spineless, he is a maggot of a man. He`s not fit to lace Warren Feeney`s boots.

‘It sums Runstrom up as an individual and as a player that he has had to do it through the Press and that he didn`t say anything to the management or the staff when he was here.

‘He is a gutless individual and he didn`t help this club one bit.

‘We`re in a massive relegation battle and he is not the sort of player you need to dig in and help you out.

‘It was really unprofessional to attack Warren as he has done.

‘Warren will brush it off, it won`t affect him one bit because he knows what Bjorn is all about ? he is a coward on and off the pitch.’

On the team generally Runstrom is reported as saying:

‘I wouldn’t bet a penny on them staying up. They dug their own grave when they sacked Newell and put me on the bench.

‘An iceberg would have a greater chance of making it in Hell than Luton have of staying in the Championship.

‘Against Ipswich, we played the same as we have lately – like s**t. I prefer the bench to going out on a pitch where half my team kick the ball as high and far as possible and the other half run away to avoid getting a pass.

‘Some of the guys would be good American football kickers. The others should get out of football.

‘I hope I don’t stay here and be humiliated. For the fans’ sake, I still hope for a win. But with these clowns for coaches, I doubt it.’

It seems that the lightweight turnip has grandiose ideas about his own abilities. He has hardly set the world on fire himself.

If these remarks are found to be true, with Calvin Andrew scoring twice for the reserves and Boyd once, I would rather see them given a chance than to allow the vitriolic Swede to come near a Luton shirt again. He was happy enough to sign a second month, so his outburst is simply because he was sussed out as a luxury player who wasn’t strong enough to dig in and fight for the cause and was put on the bench.

Runstrom’s loan ends officially after the Burnley match. Do it now Steiny – send him back.

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